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  1. Thanks a bunch for the quick reply. I'll try again tomorrow and see if shutting down restarting changes anything. m
  2. Hello, I created a worksheet based on the window schedule and added a custom database header (column) : =IF(('Window'.'SashOperation'='Horizontal Slider'); 'Coulissante'; IF(('Window'.'SashOperation'='Bi-parting Casement'); 'Ouvrante à la Française'; 'Window'.'UserFld1')) This works and I get the desired results. However when I go to edit report to add other report columns, my custom column is replaced by Window.Sash Operation and my custom "If" statement is deleted. So I have two questions : 1. Is it possible to replace the pop up text in the window PIO preferences -->General pane -->sash ? Ideally this would be the easiest solution but do not know where to find the referenced pop up choices 2. Is there a way to prevent "Edit Report" from erasing my custom function ? Thanks for any help, M (I work in France and am using the Benelux English version VW 2020 sp3 and I need to translate sash operation to French.)
  3. Uhmmm, Hello this may be a really stupid question but… In the pre-formatted window schedule what information are the head, jamb and sill detail columns supposed have? dimensions?image? height? thickness????? Thanks for being gentle with your replies, m
  4. Just noticed this. Door trim does not rotate to align with flipped door PIO. I exaggerated the trim dimensions for clarity.
  5. Hello, For what it's worth, I used to have problems exporting PDF until I turned off rasterise and subset fonts. have you tried that ? I've also noticed some problems with other applications running at the same time : safari, mail, etc. Have you tried closing other applications ? But, it seems like its something else entirely … m
  6. Did frame stops ever happen ? Cus I don't see em in 2020.
  7. Structural member tool : DIN series beams are not correct. If I try to draw an HE-A 220 which should be 220mm a beam that is 1008mm appears There seems to be only one size beam available in the DIN series. I have signalled this before. There is a problem with the text file database for the series. It would be much appreciated if VW could fix this. StructShape_WFlange-DIN_original.txt StructShape_WFlange-DIN.txt (this is a modified file that I created)
  8. Yes this is a bit bizarre. I was wondering the same question.
  9. Hello all. Think I figured out a few things that deflated the sbbod. I removed old favorites from the resource browser which helped significantly. Also in section viewport I realized that the 3D geometry thing was set to very high. I bumped that down to medium and have not had any problems since. PS : any word about the DIN structural members? a bientôt marc
  10. Hello again, anybody having problems with sp3 2018 ? In many different files - size, complexity, etc - I am having problems with VW being extremely slow to change layer, change classes, edit geometry, render, basically everything - the last one I was editing a polygon. Sometimes everything is fine but I often find myself staring at the spinning beach ball of death and then having to force quit.
  11. Hello all, Not sure if this subject is still valid but I could use some help. I see that the wall component returns work for the PIO windows but not for a custom symbol. Anybody know if it's possible ? In 3d clipcube the wall components follow the 3d wall opening I defined for the symbol but in 2d view they do not.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I looked around in some of the library files and it seems that there are some missing and/or added elements in the StructShape_WFlange-DIN.txt file in the plug-ins_common folder. Not sure what "IPBv" is nor "IPBl". I tried contacting tech support but still no answer. How does one file a bug report ? I have another bug with the roof face tool - see my other post if interested. BR, Marc StructShape_WFlange-DIN.txt
  13. Hello, I just discovered the structural member tool and was very happy until I realised that the DIN series shapes do not seem to be available from the structural member tool. It seems that there is only one shape available for DIN. However when I use the structural shapes tool - wide flange 3d - the din shapes are available. I've looked around the forum but did not find any specific answers. I tried reseting preferences but that did not work. A few screen shots below. On the left is the wide flange tool, on the right is the SM tool ( obviously not the right shape ) (Update : Just uninstalled VW and reinstalled SP1- the SM tool was working with the DIN profiles except the names where changed. I updated to SP2 and now it's back to the way I noted in my original post. However the IPE profiles do seem to be working. Is this a database problem ? maybe some typos ?) Would really like to be able to use this profiles .
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