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  1. I just saw a note from Vectorworks. If you are using 2019, you should not upgrade to BigSur - I don't know about everyone else but is almost unacceptable. How are you not providing support to customers using 2019, which is last year? Many of us will not upgrade to 2020 or 2021 for at least another year if not even two years. This is a lot of money for individual users like me, maybe not a lot for a large design company. Everyone is upgrading their Macs to Big Sur. VectorWorks can not ask us to hold on until we buy an update for 2019. 2019 should be supported for this Apple upgrade - it is only a year old. We need support from Vectorworks. You guys never left us, please don't do that now.
  2. What about people using 2019? Are you guys developing package to fix problems on 2019. I mean this is a must.
  3. I was starting a new BIM document, and I noticed that 2018 has way more options to start a new document than 2019. Is something that is missing in 2019? Another question is regarding the AIA Standards - I like the Vectorworks templates with the AIA standard sheets. Now if I start a new document from fresh, not from the document template, would I still be able to use the AIA sheets and Classes? The reason I am asking is that I am struggling once I start with the Standard BIM Documents, it gets a little confusing the Stories and Design Layers located in between Stories. The project that I am working now is residential, not commercial but I would like to develop one file that I can use as a base for all projects. I am new to Vectorworks as you can see.
  4. How do you move Floor or Slab Components up and Down the List Name? Please help.
  5. Looking to buy a used Vectorworks 18 License, either Architect or Designer - preferably The Designer one.
  6. Hi, I am interested. Are you selling Designer or Architect? How much for the license? Thank you, Mau
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