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  1. Perhaps wait until it's built - take a photo. Sorry - just my sense of humour
  2. Hi all, Minor question on VW2009. Most of my tool sets behave well when 'torn off' But there is 3 of them that when torn off (click and drag), during the drag the tool set is very small, possibly as small as it would go. But when you let it go so as to make it stay somewhere, once the mouse button is released, the toolset disappears all together. Any one struck this befor? Regads
  3. Part of trying to get more users of Vectorworks, the one question that keeps cropping up is 'How many VW users are there around the world today' Just trying to impress people as to how extensive VW is. Thanks
  4. You should be OK with VW Architect I see you have 2008 Designer - that will do it.
  5. I found the batch convert works well
  6. I use both, VW for 8 yrs and Revit for a year. Revit is good at quick material schedules and simple building design, but it is not good at all for actual construction details. VW is what I would term a more complete 2D/3D drawing package whilst Revit is more for prelim overall concepts. There is no direct Revit to VW with files. Revit creates a .rvt file, export to .dwg then import the result into VW.
  7. Thanks J for the comment. It is a fundamental of a lot of buildings that the exterior cladding goes down past the bottom plate and it would be good to show this on 3D models with out having to go and do individual details of it.
  8. Thanks Ray - I'll try it on my home computer first and see how it goes. Even a dozen simple things that you do time after time everyday may make things a bit easier. Worth a shot in the dark.
  9. Having a wall with an exterior cladding (sheeting of some form).can the wall have the componants trimmed i.e. to have the bottom plate sitting on the floor and the exterior cladding running further down the face (overlap) of the foundation / base frame? I know this can be done in Revit (wash my mouth out), but having this feature would allow for a more correct building for both sections and 3D's. Any comments would be appreciated.
  10. Are you using "Final Renderworks" for the rendering? If so, try the Open GL render option.
  11. Am I just getting old and lazy, but having an option for voice commands - "trim" "copy" "paste" etc etc would save time. Also means I would have an escuse for talking to my self - lol And no, there would not be a voice command "build house" Any one else with thoughts on this topic.
  12. Yes you are right re something should be exported to pdf rather than printed to pdf. As far as using other documents / pdf's, I hope some of those are useable for importing and snapping to. Thanks guys for your imput. Ross
  13. VW2009 Designer / Renderworks - User since VW8 Windows XP Pro 2002 - Service Pack 3 HP xw4600 Workstation 4 x Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2,50GHz 2 x NVidia Quadro FX 1700 cards ( 3 GB RAM Running 3 x 24" Dell W/S monitors Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro File created through VW's print function
  14. I have made a simple drawing - made a pdf of it, then imported it into a new blank document to try the snapping function. Did not work. Did not see any encyption of the original pdf I created. I was hoping this tool would be simple enough to use as it would allow a lot time saving. Any one shed some light on this please.
  15. Hi Katie, No, I am not using Animation Works. I have been predominately been using VW11.5 with the odd job being done in VW12.5 and it is the first time I have wanted to do a simple orbit around a building. So I was somewhat surprised to get the notice I did. Anyways, any light you may shed on this would be appreciated. Thanks Ross
  16. Hi, I just went to do a animation - orbit around my building, and found that when I clicked the "Create animation..." a notice appered stating "There are no animation controller files in your Plug-ins folder" So what have I done? Would appreciate someones input Thanks Ross VW12.5.3(80532)Architect / Renderworks / OzCAD version PC - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4 GB RAM Nividia GeForce 8500 GT for tertiary monitor Nividia Geforce 8800 Ultra for both primary and secondary monitors (Running one 24" and two 20" widescreen monitors) Primary hard drive for programes runs at 10000rpm Vista Ultimate 32 bit OS
  17. If this is required in a text line as in say 32? - this is done by typing after the 32 (hold down the Alt key then while still holding Alt key down type 0216) For 32? (as above but type 0176) These are basic Windows shortcuts as per the character mapping tool.
  18. I to am having the same sort of slowness problems as Psychofish desribed. As to Marc witter saying its on a particular configeration, I'm not so sure. I am running VW11.5 on PC AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000GHz - 1.5 GB RAM - Radeon 9800 Pro Video Card - with all the other usuals XP, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Quicktime 6.5.1 Having all this, I to have moments when some of the most simple things done can take many seconds to proform. Just a simple click of the mouse - you wait upto 10 seconds before it allows you to do another - very slow at times - yet some of the more complicated things have no problems at all.
  19. Thanks Mat - yes Dave Best also said it OK to use..
  20. Gee, a service pack, sounds like Microsoft - lol. Question to Katie, is this OK to use with the Ozcad version? [ 04-18-2005, 05:26 PM: Message edited by: Kiwi Ross ]
  21. Thanks Delmer, I thought a reinstall might be in order. I'll post back when this is done (might wait till next weekend)
  22. Suggestion. I have found that the odd older file when opened in a newer version can have the odd thing missing. Although this is very rare, I have found it handy to keep the previous version of VW in my computer just in case. [ 04-18-2005, 05:15 PM: Message edited by: Kiwi Ross ]
  23. Kevin. 1. Smaller screens. The third one is very useful when working off another electronic document / web page etc. You can sit multiple monitors into a corner much better than one huge screen. To the bigger screens - your eyes are darting all over the place - but then again, I have not worked on a huge (24 - 30") screen. 2. There is no discontinuity with the cursor as you have the screens all at the same height - the cursor simply travels smoothly across as one big screen. The word "jumping" does not really come into it. One big advantage of having a large amount of screen space for pallets is that the Resource Browser and the Object Info pallets are very big and you do not have to go scrolling through them in order to see everything. Either way you look at it, every one gets used to the way they work. All I can suggest is that if you know someone with a different work situation - large or multiple monitors, see if you can sit in front to see how it may work for you. [ 04-18-2005, 05:09 PM: Message edited by: Kiwi Ross ]
  24. Giday, I am self employed - work from home and have been using VW for about 6 years. No big budgets to work with. I have been using PC all that time and it works just fine. You will always get those that say one is better than the other (PC v's Mac), so all that I will say is that PC does me fine. You can see lots of my work in the galleries under Ross Abernethy. Screen sizes - yep, big is cool but for those watching budgets perhaps try say a 19" CRT with a 17" flat screen - all the tool pallets on the small thus giving more acreage for the drawings. I have now prgressed on to 3 x 19" flat screens and this really speeds things up as you can work on one for the drawing, one for the pallets and the other for reference. As Grant pointed out, at least a Gig of RAM as soon as you are into 3D stuff. As with PC's you can basically drip feed and just upgrade various things when it suits - chip, memory, graphics card etc. It has worked well for me so good luck in your endevours. Ross [ 04-18-2005, 01:37 AM: Message edited by: Kiwi Ross ]
  25. Hi. I have had 11.5 for a couple weeks now, great...but have come across a problem, when I click the Custom Arrow tool, the next thing you do, when its the first time used in a new drawing is go up to the preferences box to set the default style... but nothing happens - the preferences box just does not open up. I have used it all thru 10 - 10.5 and 11.0 with no problem and would love to get it back. Any one else with this problem? Any suggestions? 11.5 Architect / PC / 3.0Ghz Athlon 64 Bit / 1.5GB Ram Raden 9600 Pro Graphics Card / OS XP [ 04-17-2005, 04:38 PM: Message edited by: Kiwi Ross ]
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