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  1. thats great mate! is there a way of finding out how long left the rendering time is? i am now exporting to jpeg and its taken 2 hours so far and there is a "not responding" title on the export image dialogue box. sometimes the render carries on even though it says not responding but the problem is that the rendering bar does not move, so cant tell 1) if it is actually rendering 2) how long it will take
  2. @propostuff - thanks mate, i thought you had to wait for the render to finish before you export...will defo try that. im doing interiors and exteriors but now im doing interiors. thanks again those tips should help! and no i cant seem to see HDRIs on VW11. @Kiwi Ross - LOL you actually made me laugh, which is what i needed being so frustrated!
  3. Hi, i have been tring to render my 3D model for days now with no luck on Vectorworks 11. my file is about 50mb. i have a skylight and about 50 spotlights and 10 directional lights. I am modelling a building with 3 floors and a complex roof. I have been rendering in perspective and on final quality render. It has taken 6 hours already and it is half finished. Once this is complete i will need to export as a jpeg and it will taken another 12 hours at least to export at 150dpi. Does an yone know how i can improve the speed of this red without reducing the detail on the drawing or using a faster pc? Sometimes after a while the "not responding" message appears...this is a pain as i cannot see how much rendering time is left or if it still is actually rendering. Any ideas? thanks in advance.
  4. Hey there i am trying to make a 3D Helix on Vectorworks 11. The furthest i have got is like this.... select spiral tool - add dimensions - select square tool - place square where spiral finishes - select both - select extrude along path tool. how do i make the spiral lift off the ground making it into a helix????
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