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  1. thank you i iwll try this and let you know how itgoes !
  2. i use VW 12 & 11 on Mac OSX ..when i send a VW file to a collegue with VW 10 ..he can not open it and get the following error : "'this file has been modifeid with a later version of vectorwork " how can save this file in a format so he can open it with his VW 10 and edit the doc with out any issues. thank you for your help
  3. thank you , thank you , this has worked .. what a fantastic forum full of geniuses.
  4. HI katie & JTomson, i use VW 11 x on mac OSX panther, i have recieved a DWG file and when i try to import it i get the same error "openDWG Library error 3" how can i view or work with this file ? Thank you , Aloo
  5. thank you for the Quick response .. i will update you withh the problem once i have had a chance to look into it !
  6. Just a brief question? i think i am getting files from a Vectorwork 10 x user ..as i am still waiting for confirmation ..we are using VW 11 x and was wondering if someone is sending us a VW 10 x files saved as VW files , can i open this with my VW 11 x ? if no..what can this VW 10 user do for me so i can open it on VW 11 ? thank you
  7. Hello, a client of mine have sent me some DWG files from Auttocad but not sure which version ? and iam trying to import into Vectorwork 11.0.1 with updater patch applied. i can open the DWG file with Illust CS no prob but cant see teh type or layer and therefore no good to me. The full error is : "Critical OpenDWG error ! you will be given the opportunity to save each open file which has been modified". my system is OSX panther 10.3.7 withh VW 11.01 with latest patch. please advise how i can import these DWG file in VW 11 thank u


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