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  1. Hi Ray, If the file permission is the problem I won't be able to do anything until my computer gets back from the shop. The only thing that I question is the fact that this error message doesn't occur with any of the other computers in my office. The other thing is that when I log into the sever, my account has been set with the correct permissions. If I understand correctly, it shouldn't matter which computer I'm using when I open the file as long as I'm accessing the server with my login. Trang
  2. Funny thing happen to me today, this error message appeared for the first time since I've been using VW (8 years). "internal error - general failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (Failure on attempt to open file)" Here is what happened... My original computer that the files were created from is in the shop getting fixed, but our files are housed on a server. I'm currently working at another station, which that error message is appearing on. I have re-installed VW 2011(SP5) and the issue still occurs. I have viewed some of the other postings and am confused with what I'm suppose to do?? If anyone can clarify why this happens and what it means that would be great. Thanks, Trang
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wondering if there is a way to spell check in the general notes plugin command? Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there is an option where the viewport automatically scales the text, line weight, hatch, etc... automatically? It's quite tedious to have to do this manually every time I create a viewport at a different scale. Cheers, Trang
  5. Happy New Year Everyone! I been trying to update to v2011 SP2, but midway through the installation an error note occurs say that it can not finish installing. Then when I try to run v2011 with SP1, it says that it is missing a component and that I need to reinstall the entire program again. This is my second attempt thinking that the link didn't download properly, but it occurred again. I also looked at the UpdaterLog, but I don't understand it. So I've attached it as well and if anyone can help me with this it would be great. Thanks
  6. I have been using the wall command to create my window and door casings within my symbol...it seems to only ungroup that. I'm also having other difficulties with that in my linked reference files. In my original file the symbol shows up fine, then when I'm in another file with the linked reference some of the symbols show up with walls/tags upside down and flipped 180?. I starting to think that it wasn't such a good idea to upgrade=( So far I would have to say that v2008 is my favorite! Cheers,
  7. Hello Everyone, I have always been able to group objects within a symbol with no problems, but with v2011 every time I try to group something they somehow become ungrouped. Has anyone come across this and know how to fix it? Thanks
  8. Hey Everyone, Having problems with the spread and height option of the plant command. It's grayed out and not letting me enter any numbers. The only way I can change the plant size is through definitions. The only thing is that when I do this any plant that is under the same symbol changes as well. Has any one experience this? Cheers
  9. I have the option of upgrading my computer to Leopard and am a little hesitant on doing this since I have been hearing good and bad things about this. Is it worth upgrading? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks,
  10. Exporting still creating problems I tried to export the vw file to dwg (autocad) and these are the things that happened 1. Scaling 1:1 doesn't work ...dimensions saying that it's 11'-0" but when measuring the line it says 3" 2. Hatching is moving around ...on the screen all my hatching is where it should be but in the dwg file the hatching seem to attach itself to other things.ie shingle hatch attached to some doors, ground is glass...etc 3. exporting a file the first time...opens, second time an error message shows up and the file can't open 4. Windows disappearing 5. Text/gridlines are flipped around and have shifted around in the drawing I'm trying to put an image up to show you what's happeing but i'm not sure how...if anyone know how that would be great Thanks
  11. When I send the file, I send the whole file....the dwg and all the hatches. I have also tried exporting w/out the hatches. With this file I have imported a dwg file from our surveyor that worked in autocad...would this cause any problems?
  12. So I tried importing to vw and it says that a total file imported:1 total file not imported:36 not a dxf or dwg file:36 unkown reasons:0 some of the drawing shows up...but things have shifted around. When I am exporting I also selected the rescale to 1:1...but when I imported it back to the vw the scale changes to 1:2 or 1:1000.
  13. Hi everyone, Okay, I don't know what's happening with the exporting!! When I am converting the drawing...I leave all the defaults and only change it to a dwg or dxf and it seems to go through...the problem is when I send it. My engineer has tried to open it and he gets a blank screen. I have also tried to open the file and a message comes up saying the filter cannot complete because of an unkown error. Has anyone had this problem or any suggestions. Thanks,
  14. Hi, I'm trying to insert the degree and diametre symbols...does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
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