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  1. @jim great work, guys really impressive. i second benson's questions. and: what is the best practice to create walls from the referenced point cloud? rob
  2. i actually export with 'viewports as 2d graphics in the model space' checked, i'd suggest to try to use this one. additionally, i remove all hatches and fills. ifc is a fully separate export, there is hardly a comparison, unless you really need dwg with 3d functionality (i dunno if it's possible with vw, though). rob
  3. hi, is it somehow possible to use certain manufacturer's profiles for the curtain wall frames? if not, how is it possible to reference the particular products for bim takeoffs, concerning the curtain walls? thx, rob
  4. @dieter have you modelled the waterproofing on the terrace, too? or is it an annotation? rob
  5. ilay, if the ifc file is really buggy, the information from the vw log won't help you. try first to examine the source. which ifc viewers have you used and what did they say exactly? rob
  6. as for the v2015 sp3 release: - the spaces assignment happens for the exterior outlines of the building parts, the existing spaces get no more duplicated. as i have for each storey a few significant design layers (slab, spaces, walls and 3d_parts for elements i don't want to be visible on the 2d floor plans), the new (exterior) spaces get created on the slab layers. to be frank i don't understand it, but there must be a method. some minor space creations happen on the roof for the mechanical ventilation chimneys' exterior outlines, but it's no comparison with the chaos of previous releases. - the gbxml export renders ok, no crash, the file size 4.2 mb, exported from the 208 mb project file. to compare: the ifc export is some 84 mb. - the (same) gbxml file imported into openstudio (v 1.5.3.) winds up in an error (the error report included). all in all, the gbxml export procedure is more smooth, but fails nevertheless at the gate of another bim evaluation software. more to come... rob
  7. the foundation story offset bug from my previous posts has been fixed in the sp3 (probably the vb-121344). good job, guys, thanks a lot rob
  8. could be interesting. file export formats are compatible with unity, now it'd be the task to convince owners to put the headsets on
  9. hi, is there a possibility, as for instance in archicad, to have classes and layers visibility preset? actually i'd need a set of classes and layers to export only the structural elements to the ifc file, and then easily to return to the architectural export preset, without manually selecting the appropriate classes and layers. thx, rob
  10. well, i got it, thank to sean. it's the simple succession of clicks: rob
  11. kevin, thanks for the input. well, i've tried it in a new file. the preferences are set to 'screen plane or working plane'. i've just searched the forum and i've found the setting for fixing the automatic plane in case of planar objects (toggle backslash), so the blue highlights are back and i can draw on a random plane, but i can't get push-pull working for real cut-outs (the tool is in the 1st or in the 3rd mode, no difference). all i get is the additional solid i'd have to subtract from the main shape. i must be doing something wrong, but i don't know what. rob
  12. hi, i've lost the automatic detection of working plane for massing model editing. in v2014 it worked well (planes lighted blue), in v2015 the cursor sticks to the ground plane, no blue sign. i presume some setting is disabled, but i don't know which one. the same for push-pull - the altkey-drag doesn't cut out anything, the solid remains glued to the main shape. again, probably it has to be set somewhere. can anybody help? thx, rob
  13. jeff, thanks for replying. which file do you mean: vwx or ifc? rob
  14. more to point 3: deleting of the storeys resulted in such situation (screenshot 3). what the f*#%k is wrong with the ifc export? in the project file everything looks ok. i'm helpless. thx in advance for any clue... rob
  15. @jeff 1. as for me, a good point with the '3d conversion resolution' settings, thanks a lot. here are the results: - a setting 'low' - 84 mb - a setting 'medium' - 150 mb - a setting 'high' - 957 mb i preferred to not to try with 'very high' 2. is it normal that the grid axes appear on each storey in the ifc (screenshot)? i have them on one separate layer in the project file. 3. but there's still a point missing: the storeys case with offset foundation layer (screenshot). i've tried above and below ground, to no avail. eventually i'd probably be forced to remove the storey dependancies. and the strange thing is: it worked well in the v2014.... 4. is the promised ifc export manual ready yet? rob
  16. here's a screenshot of the cobie toolkit and the software download link: http://www.nibs.org/?page=bsa_commonbimfiles rob
  17. and do you use your referenced building to cut out the terrain model properly, or do you use the site modifiers in the terrain model file matching the building shape? rob
  18. a cobie toolkit (i've mentioned above) is a standalone java application, either with bimserver or not. you run it on your computer, and it doesn't matter which ifc export you use, it should work with output from any bim authoring software. rob
  19. i also have everything in one file, although sometimes i have to do a site plan (being a 1:500 copy of the design file, and not a site model) separately due to the exact world coordinates for the authorities' approvals (a dwg export). i use take-off worksheets as a contents of plans and sections, so i can't do referencing. rob
  20. ida, i presumed something must have been wrong with the display of the grid. now it turns out that everything was exported ok, with tags and all. the key was the solibri visibility of the grid lines (the two buttons you've indicated). thanks a lot the one thing that doesn't work are the lines' naming conventions. i have numerical naming for the vertical lines, and letters for the horizontal ones. in the export all have numbers. as soon as i have the vw access i'll have to test if the tagging ua, ub, uc a.s.o. would be a solution. rob
  21. ok, i think i have it. let's see if it works... ... unfortunately not. i don't see anything in the solibri viewer. the grouped axes are as an ifcgrid, set up with a grid name. everything as in the rubina's description, but to no avail. is there any other setting i don't know of? ida, can you provide an ifc-viewer screenshot? thx, rob
  22. ida, thanks for your feedback. where did you tag the grid lines? from what i see, it should work with me as well... rob
  23. 1. i can't get my grid exported this way, i have more than 3 axes in each direction. can it be the reason? if yes, is there a workaround? 2. another thing with the v2015 ifc export: in v2014 architect the exports were some 340 mb, initially my v2015 designer exported approx. 140 mb ifc files, now, two months later, i get on the same export (all mappings the same, v2015, sp2) the size of over 950 mb. i'm gradually losing control over this functionality. can anybody provide some clue? thx, rob
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