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  1. have you tried the advanced section properties, the 'attributes' tab (section plane)? and what is your stair's construction type, btw? rob
  2. clip cubes are not supposed to show the exact geometries with the materials, otherwise their performance would be lost. it's only a visualisation tool. even the bentley's hypermodelling is relying on the 2d drawings for detailing. rob
  3. i know houdini briefly from the end of 1990s, it was comparable with maya and softimage then. from what i hear it will be interesting in the future.
  4. I started to read manual -> Visual Scripting and video > in this post also i have experience with: dynamo for revit mcg for 3dsmax xpresso for c4d houdini hmm, houdini was once the most parametric 3d character animation application on the market, did it change in those years? if you compare those tools, i'm curious what can you say about marionette? rob
  5. thanks ilay, i actually know how to name the object, the devil was in the left part of your explanation. rob
  6. sorry ilay, i have focused on pat's answer, i missed yours. rob
  7. btw pat, how to 'access the object by name'? can you shortly expand on it? thx in advance. rob
  8. but the guys at the bug submission are the best address, am i not right? if it's obvious and repeated, i'd send it. and, btw, the reaction time is probably much shorter at the bug submission than here in the forums... rob
  9. thanks, pat. actually i don't care about the names, but you're right, i have to go deeper into the procedures. rob
  10. i don't know if i asked this already, but i'll try nevertheless: is it possible in the marionette to convert some shape to a graphics' node? i mean e.g.: i want to use my own, manually created polyline as a path for the distribution of the, say, columns created in a marionette network... thx in advance, rob
  11. can't you guys simply submit those bugs, if they're appearing repeatedly? on the other hand, how are my two bug submissions (the missing z-coordinate for site models and the offset walls generation from rounded massing models)? thx in advance. rob
  12. jim, i have requested at the source in the u.s.a. i'll check how's then distributed. our prospects are from poland. rob
  13. another question: the assigned serial numbers for the 30-day demo version of the v2016 start with the 'VWEval-20-', afaik this is the serial for the v2015, the v2016 has the number 21, am i right? thx, rob
  14. one of the first questions: why is there no 'z' coordinate for site models anymore? thx, rob
  15. i think we'll be moving to ifc properties instead of concentrating on data records. where can i find some explanations on the ifc props in the worksheets/database? thx in advance. rob
  16. attention, though a small thing, is already a beginning. as lao tse said: 'even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'
  17. thanks, wouter. btw, what do you mean by 'object reset'? rob
  18. terra, thanks, i've actually hoped to have to deal with the psets, and not with the record formats. my favourite place (more natural, as in the case of dimensions - why would i insert a dimension, it's just already there, in the object) would be oip, though. but if i have to live with the pset entries, then so be it. rob
  19. hi, is it somehow possible to import the dwg content not into the standard xy plane (top plan view), but also in the xz or yz planes (front or side views)? thx. rob
  20. hi, still lacking the possibility to have roofs with components (i know, it'll come in v2016), but it's not restricted to the roofs, just to all newly created non-standard elements, then assigned to ifc entities. the trouble is with the materials assignment, and apparently also the thickness of the elements. i'm talking mainly about extrudes, which are automatically exported to ifc without material nor dimensions (an example enclosed). does anybody know where is the proper place to insert this information? is it in further ifc psets, in the oip, or in additional record sets? thx in advance, rob
  21. hi, i've read a robert anderson's brochure 'construction sequence in vectorworks' (4D_narrative.pdf) and watched a film '4d.mov', probably available somewhere on the net. the 3:41 minutes movie sports an execution of a script named 'Q&D_4D-wkg.vs' which displays the succession of placing of the construction elements in an edifice. does anybody know: - where is this script? - is it free available? - will it run in v2015 or v2016? thx in advance, rob
  22. your design consultants may encounter troubles while importing your vw ifc export into revit in case you've used boolean operations (aec > fit walls to objects). the import of ifc data from revit may be offset in your vw file - advise them to use the gpl (open source) ifc translator for revit, not the native one from autodesk, and define the model origin exactly. rob
  23. peter, i actually know how to set up a saved view. the only thing was my inability to recognise the power of its appearance. i simply thought of a sv as of a fixed screenshot, no more editable and not updatable. so thanks for the enlightenment rob
  24. ok, my vw shortcomings will thus probably come to appearance how could i use saved views for this?
  25. hi, is it possible in vectorworks to choose a certain set of design layers to be visible (like in archicad)? i have some 35 drawing layers in my current project and it's a pain in the ass to choose all layers i want to see for a particular view, like a model perspective or 2d drawings. for instance: i have for each storey design layers with 3d elements that don't appear in 2d views, and 2d descriptions that are not supposed to be visible in 3d views. as for now i differentiate the colour appearance in the organisation dialog, but i have to choose all of them manually for different purposes. does anybody have a clue how to automatise it? thx, rob
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