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  1. Just came across this thread - maybe with a tag @Marissa Farrell will see this and perhaps still has this Marionette saved somewhere? (although the Multiple Extrude approach mentioned earlier is also a nice solution)
  2. It's a little bit round-about but probably the simplest way to fire scripts - if you add your script as a Custom Plugin, you can then add it to a menu and give it a keyboard shortcut...which you can fire from Streamdeck.
  3. Does your Streamdeck work elsewhere - i.e. if you open Notepad and press your shortcut key for pan, does an 'H' appear? That'll help narrow down whether it's a Vectorworks or Streamdeck issue...
  4. There are also tons of ways that you can use it beyond specific apps, i.e. I have found in a month or so of us that my most commonly used buttons are direct links to the folder in my dropbox for the shows I'm working on the most, direct links to websites that I visit the most and a whole variety of text entry shortcuts for things I type a lot....and that's without even getting into stacking up a lot of multiple commands! It would be nice to avoid having to do the whole create-shortcut dance to use it with VW, especially as I go back and forth between different machines and use different workspaces for each (laptop vs desktop)....
  5. I do have Title Border objects on each sheet layer; it looks like the global Auto Drawing Coordination option is turned OFF already in Document Preferences but it was turned ON in the Title Block Style; I've turned it off and will see if that helps. Thanks for the reminder about that new so-called 'feature'!
  6. I've been having a recurring problem with VW2019 - in SP2 and now SP3 - where I'll make a copy of a sheet layer, change the name and continue working, and after some indeterminate amount of time, it will revert back to its previous name. Seems to occur on both Mac and Windows, doesn't seem to persist after saving, closing VW and re-opening, haven't been able to actively reproduce it but it's occurred across multiple files (mostly from the same template). I've tried renaming both in the Navigation palette as well as in the pop-up....doesn't seem to matter.
  7. This fixed it for me, on MacOS 10.14.2 using VW19 SP2: "Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts->All controls checked for keyboard access" (couldn't move between fields using tab, pressed control-F7, now I can!)
  8. Hmmm, I see what you mean - it *kinda* works, but definitely not the same way that it used to. If you hover in that few-pixels-wide border zone near the edge of the screen, after a delay, it auto-pans. But that's very different from the previous behavior, which was activated as soon as the cursor reached the edge of the screen. At the very minimum it would really be great if there was a toggle for something like this....trying to hover in that area with a trackpad or with a bunch of things snapping near the edge is rather tricky...
  9. Has this already been filed as a known issue to be fixed in future versions? Where are the date formats coming from - the OS or as part of the sheet border / title block tool?
  10. And yet, it's still not fixed almost four months and two service packs later....
  11. Follow-up question - where are these custom date formats defined, and how would one go about changing them? Better than the previous version, but still missing some things, i.e. DD MMM YYYY / 28 Dec 2018....
  12. Answering my own question here - it seems that the answer is to download the complete installer, which has the service pack rolled into it.
  13. I know that this is a 14-year-old question and answer - but I've been looking for this piece of information for at least half that much time and just found it. Thank you, long-ago VW users!
  14. Maybe the page at 'https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates' should be updated with this information, since right now it just shows a completely blank page for any updates for VW2019. And like others have commented, while I appreciate that the 'new' update system may help reduce the size of the downloads, it would really be great if the 'old' all-in-one service pack was also still available for download. I don't have the greatest internet access at home, where I use VW on a PC, but when I travel somewhere with my Mac laptop that has fast and free internet, I download the service packs for both OS's. Also handy to have the service packs already downloaded for when I need to re-install it....
  15. Where can I download the service pack installer files for later installation for VW2019? Nothing whatsoever shows up at this page for 2019: https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates (in this case, I'd like to download both the Windows and Mac versions of SP1 while I have access to a high-speed connection)
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