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  1. Dan Hoffman

    Unlink text object from record

    That works great, thanks for that script - maybe Vectorworks will be smart enough to include this seemingly obvious function in a future release.....
  2. Dan Hoffman

    Classes Not Scrolling

    So it sounds like this is a confirmed bug, according to Service Select support it's something that Engineering is 'working on'....no further information provided.... In the mean time it's still incredibly frustrating since I'm trying to work on a number of very class-dense drawings this week....anyone found a work-around? Clean install of VW2018 SP4, brand-new machine, Windows 10 Home with latest updates, i7-7700, 32GB RAM, GTX 1070 8GB....
  3. Dan Hoffman

    Classes Not Scrolling

    Update: this is still a problem in VW2018 SP3, this is absurd. Like I'd said earlier - brand new Windows 10 machine, clean install of VW18, no reason it shouldn't work... Hierarchical display doesn't help when I still need to scroll through the whole hierarchy, and it's a shared drawing so I can't exactly just change it to work around this ridiculous bug. Same drawing can scroll fine on Mac.
  4. Dan Hoffman

    Classes Not Scrolling

    Two-and-a-half years on....it seems that scrolling in drop-down / pop-out menus is broken again. VW2018, SP2, on a brand-new Windows 10 machine. Thought it might be my trackball, but even plugging in a regular mouse, no luck.
  5. Dan Hoffman

    Font Size in OIP for Dimensions

    This wasn't the answer that I came here looking for, but just wanted to say thanks for mentioning that as an option, just updated my workspace and now I have a font size menu in my right-click, very nice!
  6. A functionality along the lines of 'saved sets' for number instruments? That'd be great! And it would also be great to have the ability to adjust which fields are 'eligible' for use in the Number Instruments tool - i.e. it would be nice to be able to use it to directly label Purpose fields in order, without having to dump the labels into another field and then do a find/modify...
  7. Agreed with this wish a thousand percent, but came here to add a much simpler wish - how about direct-editing of class and layer names in the Navigation palette / window? It could be via a shift-click or something, but when cleaning up naming, it would be a huge improvement over all the right-click-edit-click into name field process....
  8. Dan Hoffman

    Rename multiple classes

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated in the same way; the VW2018 title block fiasco has cost me a ton of time undoing what it has 'fixed,' and it still takes me twice as long to enter my data. And there are still basic functions missing from the Resource Manager that were simple parts of the older Resource Browser (showing the currently active symbol, for one that should be simple...) Sure, it's come a long way since my first copy of VW10, but these issues are why I've hardly been in a hurry to invest in any of the 'new' add-on's, i.e. Braceworks, at least until they've had a year or two to work out the bugs....
  9. Dan Hoffman


    It's probably because the subordinate monitor is being 'awakened' more slowly than the main monitor, so when VW wakes back up from sleep, it only sees the 'main' monitor. No great workaround, other than closing VW before putting the machine to sleep. Less-than-great workaround is to make a second workspace, featuring palettes only on the main monitor, and switch to the 'One Monitor' workspace before putting the machine to sleep. Then, once you've re-awakened it, switch back to the 'Two Monitor' workspace and the palettes should go back over to it, wherever they last were when you last used that workspace... Not elegant but it should work....
  10. Dan Hoffman

    Workspace window sizing not being stored

    Adding my "me too" to this thread - I've now had it happen on two different machines running VW2018 SP2, and a fresh install on the latest one, without even running any Migration Manager or anything else that may have brought in some old settings. Simply going into 'Edit Workspace' and then back out of it is enough to reset the 'Basic' and 'Tool Sets' to their default sizes, rather than where I've last dragged them. And, of course, restarting the program does it as well. Something's broken....
  11. THIS - absolutely this. Despite putting god-knows-how-many hours into making this 'new' tool, I'm probably going to spend a few hours in Vectorscript re-creating the old Title Block's popup from scratch, because that's all I really need (simple title blocks, which I used to do with a worksheet and some linked text fields). Today alone I've found another problem with the 'new' version of this tool, including that when it 'updated' some title blocks from a drawing I'd started in 2017 it decided to abandon some of my previously manually-entered data in favor of what it 'thought' I wanted from the name of the sheet, with no prompt and no way to reverse it without reverting to the last save of the file. Would it really have been that hard to at least leave the old version of the tool in place, in parallel with the new one, for compatibility? At this point I'm *only* using 2018 because the folks with whom I collaborate on some projects are using it.
  12. Dan Hoffman

    Callout & General Notes Auto-Fill 2016

    Absurdly enough, this seems to still not be fixed, and no workaround, in 2018.
  13. Just came here to add another voice to the chorus of 'WTF's about the new Title Block data entry; what was previously a simple matter of tabbing through a few fields is now a ridiculous undertaking of clicking and typing...and there doesn't seem to be any way around it.....it's almost enough to make me go back to my pre-sheet-border-tool symbols with attached records and a little script to pop up a window. Because 99% of the time, that's all that I need, not changing my grid spacing or border line thickness... I'm sure the added functionality, once I learn it, may be useful on some projects, but it seems that NV didn't really learn from the disastrous first rollout of Resource Manager, which lacked a few major features from the ole Resource Browser....not to mention the lack of compatibility backwards, in this case.....
  14. This seems like something that should be obvious and should have been fixed by now, but it would be a lot better if libraries downloaded in the background, so that one could continue working on another part of the drawing until the library had finished downloading, instead of the current behavior where the 'Downloading Library' dialog box / status bar takes over. Especially on slow connections....
  15. Dan Hoffman

    High spec PC to run VW2017?

    Looks like the old link (towards beginning of this conversation) to this post is broken, but here's the latest one: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/technical-support-graphics-card-gpu-recommendations-r460/