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  1. I am a select service member and finally downloaded windows 64 bit VW2020 installer from my portal. However I can not get past the initial screen because by serial number is not being recognized. I have copy and pasted from my portal and attempted to enter the number manually. In both cases the installer say INVALID SERIAL NUMBER and do not allow me to proceed with the install. I am most definitely using the correct 2020 serial (as opposed to my 2019 or 2018 number). Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Final update for the night: Using a selected or named range in excel to limit the excel spreadsheet does not work. The new range is recognized in the VW ODBC menu, but it seems to have no effect.
  3. Update. The ODBC link is working. I zoomed in so I could watch the symbols populate with text. However the ODBC Update does not complete when it gets to an empty row of the excel document. VW had completed updating all my symbols but it just keeps going through the excel document, and accessing the whole thing takes close to 6 hours. Does anyone know how I can let VW know what the end of the data source is? VW2014 does not seem exhibit this behavior. It kicks out when it gets to an empty row of the excel document.
  4. I think I have solved the problem...kind of. I was able to install the 64 bit ODBC drivers from Microsoft with a little bit of finesse and registry fiddling. Everything now works as expected. VW2015 64 bit can see the excel files as databases. I can link the symbol text to the proper excel column. I can view the table from inside VW. However now an import that once took 3-7 minutes is at 15% complete after an hour. Has anyone else seem slower ODBC reconciling after switching from 32 bit driver to 64 bit? Moving forward do I need to rethink the structure of this document? VW support has been gracious enough to send me a link to a 32bit version of VW2015 but I expect to be using this document (or some form of it) after VW2016 which stops 32 bit support. As I have the time now to attack the problem I would like to try to solve it now. A little background on what I am trying to accomplish: I have a document with 400 symbols (basically text boxes) that have linked text. Each symbol has been manually linked to a row of an excel document. As each project (theatrical show ) comes through I adjust the info in the excel document and VW sucks it in via ODBC. IN version 1 of this document VW tables were used, but in 2009 those were slower to edit than an excel spreadsheet. After the initial linking took place the ODBC link was much smoother and easier to do large amounts of edits quickly. I am open to any suggestions on how to make this work better and smoother or other avenues to explore or ways to speed up ODBC. Thank you so much for all the help thus far. Attached is an idea of what it looks like in the final form. This is the bottom of one page of typically a 35-50 page document.
  5. Thank you! Is it possible to install a 32 bit version of VW 2015 on om 64 bit version of Windows 7? 32 bit office has it's fair share of compatibility issues. according to my IT dept. Alternatively I found a way to force install the 64bit drivers, but I am not sure that will help as the excel file will still be created with a 32 bit version of that software.
  6. Hello, IT just upgrade my computer and upgraded my VW Spotlight to 2015 from 2014. I have a ODBC linked document that uses an excel spreadsheet as the data source. Both setups were running on Windows 7. I accessed the 32 bit ODBC administrator in SysWOW64 and setup my file as normal. I have opened and the older VW2014 file and saved as a new VW2015 file. However when I go to Manage Databases I get a error when linking to the DSN I have newly created. Specifically : "(3) the ODBC driver has returned an error" Viewing details gives: [0] Driver error: IM014 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application The workbook is listed as connected, but the tables are inaccessible. I have upgraded to the newest Windows ODBC drivers. I have tried the excel file as a 2007, 97-2003, 95 workbook. I am establishing the DSN in the user section, but that has never been a problem before and when I add DSN as an administrator VW can no longer see them. The only possibility I can think of is that when the upgrade from 2014 to 2015 happened they choose the 64 bit VW version and that somehow broke ODBC from 32 bit sources. Anyone else have any idea? Thanks, -E


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