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I have done some exploring on this already but im not having any luck. Trying to add another manufacturer to the Hoist Tool.


I have opened the hoist symbol library and created the symbols i need and then tried going in to the "HoistVW" plug-in and adding another line to the manufacture however the plug-in/Tool isnt updating to suit the library.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?


(Using VW/BW 2020 still)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You need to add your file into the Hoist Tools folder that is located in either your user folder or in the application folder. As you are using VW2020 it is safe to put this in your application folder as there is no chance of the changes getting overwritten with a new RM catalog. This folder is located in Libraries>Defaults>Hoist Tools and the file name is Chain Hoist Symbols. Either add the symbols to the file that is already there or add your file with the custom symbols to that folder. You will have to restart VW for this to take effect and refresh your RM once the program launches.

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I am going to disagree a little with @JustinVH. 😉  


Put the new hoist symbol in a VW file in the path he stated in either your User or Workgroup folder. 


While Justin is 100% correct that there will not be any future updates of VW2020 so there is not change of it getting overwritten, there is also a 100% chance that if you put it in the Application Folder that when you upgrade to your next version of VW that your custom hoist will not be upgraded and you will spend a long time trying to find it and figure out why it got lost.


If you put it in your User Folder, when you upgrade, the Migration Manager will upgrade all of the files in your User Folder so you will still have your custom information available.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@HamishIf you ever upgrade to a newer version of Vectorworks you will have to update the the hoist record in your own symbols to the current hoist record in that version as there was a record change that occurred after VW2020. The change to the record was done due to some changes in the hoist functionality and what information is needed for the tool.

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