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I'm curious, what are you doing with RW


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Matthew, I like the gun, that's pretty cool

Hidden Cloud, that looks really nice, are you planning on adding some image based textures. Lately I've been going out and finding the materials I want and shooting them myself with a Digital Camera. It's really fast and easy and they work well.

Here's something we do alot,

We generally produce a rendering for the client that looks like this


Then we'll do one for the office


I seperate my materials by class so its easy to globally change all the maps.

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The building, grass, and paving are done in VW/RW. The sky, people and trees are added in photoshop. The textures in that one are made using RW shaders, mostly, except the grass, that was one of mine.

This rending is all custom textures.Again the building, site, paving and cars are VW/RW. People, trees, and sky are Photoshop


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Thanks Katie, but gotta credit the clients for that. I just superimposed the dome on a digi pict of the site as it sits today, teepee and all. Touched up the front tree a bit to overlap the dome, and removed a construction vehicle and materials.

Gettin' there with VW. <G> Not quite to Mike's use of custom materials yet. Maybe the next project...

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Thanks,I used the 3-D Power Pack. I've never had much luck with the DTM.

Basically I had the 2-D site drawings from the Landscape consultant. I created a Nurb surface and added the U and V values so that I could approximate the contours by editing the Z coordiante of the vertices inside the nurbs surface. Then I created polygons to represent the different areas of the site ( the grass, paving side walks). I extruded the polys then I subtraced the extrudes from a larger extruded rectangle to get the negative of the area i wanted, then I subtracted that from a copy of the Nurb. I did this over and over till I got all the parts I needed. It worked like a charm and once I had the process down it went very quickly.

For the curbs I would extract the curve from between the paving and the grass, and then extrude the curb profile using the extracted curve as the profile.

I hope that makes sense. smile.gif" border="0

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Wow, super stuff!I'm curious, how large are your files? what kind of machine are you using? how long do your renders take? are your models part pf your CD's or seperate?

Maybe we can start a new text only post to answer these q's?

I've been trying out RW but find texturing and mapping difficult and limited especially with close views of things like wood textures. I've tried editing photos in PS to the size and shape of the object but that is a long process, kind of like reading this post.

Instead I export to Cinema 4D GO. It's a process also but the speed and control are worth it. The only problem is limited resolution with the GO version. Maxon is coming out with a new modular version of Cinema 4D that is in a decent price range 500.00for those who are interested.

Here's my first project w/ C4D. I modeled in VW prior to the power pack and rendered in C4D.Airstream.jpg

Thanks M

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It was easy with VW + RW . I even have all the threads on those u-bolts and Structural bolts in 3D for the close up detail shots (Extrude along path command with the path being a spiral and the profile being a traingle torepresent a thread...totally accurate!). I develop these towers in 3D and then form all of my 2D drawings from hidden line renderings. I always just use the print screen command and then paste that into Photoshop to add the background clouds for these presentation photos. My website has a lot more pictures and flash movies that I made with VW, PS, Flash and GoLive. Towertek Industries, Inc.

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