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  1. Thanks for the reply. It's funny, the french version has this function. It doesn't seem too difficult, hope that the gang at VW can add this little detail. br, Marc
  2. Hello, I've searched the forums concerning the possibility to show door stops (doorstops) in plan view with the door tool PIO, however I haven't found any answers. Is this possible? Will it be possible ? If anyone knows how, please let me know. Seems like a fairly easy detail to add. Thanks in advance, Marc
  3. Should I send you a movie? I recently updated to 10.4.11 and performed disk utility. Marc
  4. Hello, I just installed VW2008 designer w/ rw and noticed that the pointer on screen jumps around (flickers). It is only the pointer and not the entire screen. I'm on a mac using kensington mouseworks. It happens when I am using just the macbook screen and also when I have the cinema display connected. Another problem I noticed is when change class attributes from the navigation pane (especially colors) the changes do not take place. I need to, for example change the fill to none, exit come back and then give a new fill color before the changes take place.
  5. Richard, I can't seem to get the engineering properties nor the volumetric properties to work. What's the trick? The snap to distance problem I have is that you have to actually click on the radio button to change to fraction, percentage or distance. Simply entering a number in fraction doesn't change the property. Tabbing doesn't work either. Also, could you forward your slowness problem to tech support (Yi Chen) I've been saying the same thing but they seem to think it's my aging machine. Happy Holidays
  6. Richard, I was able to get my mouse wheel functioning so I've stopped using the space bar zoom. Even though it's faster. Aparently even though my machine is above the minimum standards for vw12 2d drawing Nemetschek cannot tell me why vw12 is so slow compared to 9.5.3. which is slower than vw 8 Yi Chen in tech support said that the mode switch should not be happenning other than that tech support is absolutely no help on these issues. The response is always "ask someone else" Have you tried volumetric properties? or the snap to distance or snapping to vertexes of polylines in viewports? What kind of system are you running? Good luck, Marc
  7. For those who care I recently contacted kensington about the scroll wheel button panning thing. In order for panning to function the scroll wheel needs to be set to --> more clicks -->middle click. Thanks kensington.
  8. bump Hello does anyone else experience these problems? m
  9. Volumetric properties don't work.
  10. I found a few more things: Snap to distance will always default to percentage. Even after entering a fraction, hitting return or tab the radio button for percentage stays selected. Working with viewports I can snap to points on lines, circles etc, but not polygons/polylines. With these I only get an edge snap, no vertex snap. Does anyone else have problems with the mode buttons like I have mentioned earlier? m
  11. Bump: Ditto last post: Is there anyway that the zoom tool can remember its own state? or is there a way to deactivate the interactive mode altogether? thanks for the help m
  12. I figured out the mode key issue: it seems that the space bar + command zoom picks up whatever mode the current tool is in. Is there anyway that the zoom tool can remember its own state? or is there a way to deactivate the interactive mode altogether? This doesn't seem to be a problem with other tools.
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