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Data Visualization on Containers

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Is it possible to add a Data Visualization to a container attached to a lighting fixture?

I would like to change to the container  fill color that holds the Universe/Address data i use to have a fill based on the Universe in use for that fixture

ie: Universe 1 = red fill, Universe 2 = Blue fill, etc.


I can duplicate and create multiple ledgends w/ different colors, but Data Visualization seems much more robust


i can change the entire fixture with Data Visualization but i don't want to do that.

moving lights look so much alike now, I have to color code the instruments so  techs can tell one fixture from another


Any Clues?


Thanks In Advance





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

By the request of many other users Data Vis is explicitly excluded for the label legend because there is not way to apply Data Viz just the the label legend.

Without the exclusion of the Label Legend, Data Vis would be applied to the fixture and all labels in the label legend.

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  • 9 months later...

Hi! @klinzey 


Could having Label Legends accept Data Viz applied to Lighting Devices be a toggled preference in Spotlight Preferences instead of being locked?


I'm currently developing a workflow for only displaying lighting devices available to be used by support acts. I'm already using classes to organize my lighting devices for other purposes, so the next level of visibility control is using Data Viz.


Basically, I only want to display Lighting Devices that have a record field value of TRUE for "Used by Support Act" and Lighting Devices that have a record field value of FALSE for "Used by Support Act" should be invisible (Pen and Fill set to None). This Data Viz works perfectly for everything in the document except Label Legends. The lights disappear, but the legends linger.




As a Plan B, I explored using the "Draw All Other Objects Grayed" option for Data Viz and only applied changes to Lighting Devices that have a record field value of TRUE for "Used by Support Act". This yielded a similarly frustrating result. All Label Legends were grayed out instead of just the label legends associated with the fixtures I want to have grayed out.



As a Plan C, I tried using records attached to various label legends, still no luck. 


I totally see why Data Viz shouldn't alter label legends by default, but I can think of several use cases similar to this where it would be nice to have some more control.


Thanks for the help! 



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