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Wrapper to Object Node Problem

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I am working with a 2d Stage Barrier Library, and one object is a Flexi Barrier.

New to marionette so forgive me if this has already been covered. I have made my network and wrapped it. When I run it, it all works fine.

I have 2 angles I can change. I change the angle run it again, and my group that the network builds comes out with the new angle.

Then I convert it to an object Node... I try to change the angles, nothing happens.

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Flexi Barrier Test.vwx

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Marionette has his own function to deside (and with that if it should use a 3D Move, 3D Rotate or 2D Move, 2D Rotate etc.) if an object is planar or not. This concept has some limitations. 
If you edit the code to this, the rotate node will work inside the PIO. Double click the node and delete  the first line, then you can edit the code.


#planar = Marionette.Is2DObject(obj)    
cx = center[0] - offset[0]
cy = center[1] - offset[1]
cz = center[2] - offset[2]   
#if planar:        
vs.HRotate(obj, (cx, cy), r[2])
#    vs.Set3DRot(obj, r[0], r[1], r[2], cx, cy, cz)  

In this case, the Rotate-Node deside, that it wants to use the vs.Set3DRot() command to the symbol. which seems to work, if the symbols are on the layer. Inside the PIO it does not work. But this will not work, if the symbols are on screen plan. Inside the PIO the symbols are placed on a screen-plane like place (top plan view). 

I think it is related to the different plane- and container-concepts that makes it very frittered and hard for one node to handle. 

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