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  1. I am working with a 2d Stage Barrier Library, and one object is a Flexi Barrier. New to marionette so forgive me if this has already been covered. I have made my network and wrapped it. When I run it, it all works fine. I have 2 angles I can change. I change the angle run it again, and my group that the network builds comes out with the new angle. Then I convert it to an object Node... I try to change the angles, nothing happens. File Attached Flexi Barrier Test.vwx
  2. Does anyone have a manageable library of Roe CB5 in t4 Touring Frames. I have tired to glue together the DWG I have been sent of the touring frames along with the VW file of CB5. Once you get to a big screen, the file size makes the VW so slow.
  3. Thanks Tom... I know it had to be something silly!
  4. I have a worksheet in a document to count up fencing requirements for a festival site. I have done a line type for each type of fencing, and created a record so I can easily give the lines a name to relate to the area Column A gives me the length of each line, rounded up to the nearest metre. Column B works out the number of Panels, and Column C shows the areas (which is achieved by going the information from the record. This is shown in the first image When I try to Summarize the area's in that column so I don't have so many rows that essentially repeat the same area name, I lose a load of information as shown in the second image. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Thank you... the one place I didn't look!
  6. I am generating a worksheet of what truss I have on a particular layer. I noticed one of the options that is available is from the truss record is "Truss Colour". This is really useful especially when you have a mixture of Silver and Black truss... and would would like to include this in your worksheet. However, I can't figure out how to change the colour of a particular piece of truss in the record. Any suggestions?
  7. Sketchup imports directly into VW as a symbol. It’s a great resource and free. There are plenty of other resources out there. VW has the ability to import a lot of different file types. I also use Turbosquid for models. Most of the useful good ones come with a price tag.
  8. I'm happy to report a resolution on this.. and it wasn't what I was expecting. @mjm ...I had the fill set to no fill. When looked at the properties of the hoists with the problem, they also ad the fill set to "no fill". So on the surface of things, this didn't appear to be the problem. However, when I set the fill to solid and white, all the problems seem to have gone away. @scottmoore...I had tried all the options you suggested, to no avail, but they were the obvious solutions to look for! Thanks both
  9. Thein lies another problem. If you go in and edit the 2 component to change the fill (which is the way to do it, and you can only do 1 at a time), it seems to lose the link to the hoist data... and the point is then useless in terms of data on the drawing. What I am most confused about is why that fill has suddenly started appearing, and even if I put a new hoist in, the fill is there. I've looked through class properties and all sorts... its a bit of mystery!
  10. For some reason the default fill colour of the Host Label or Hoist Number has changed to black, any thoughts anyone?
  11. It is, but I don't know how it changed to this. I have figured out how to change the display back to how it should be 1 unit at a time, but with 196 hoists... its going to take a fair while!
  12. I know I have probably done something really dumb, but I can't for the life of me work out what... The Hoist display is is going me a black box instead of the hoist label... image attached
  13. I'm sure the answer for this question is somewhere on this forum, but for the life of me I can't find it. I would like to make a report that lists the hanging positions and then the truss contained within each hanging position. It would also be useful to have a report that lists all the fixtures attached to that hanging position, possibly with some of the data that's in the OIP such as Channel Numbers.
  14. Build number is 463397. This has been happening since I upgraded to 2019 as far as I remember, but I hadn't needed to do anything in the way of truss drawing for a few months so completely forgot about the issue.
  15. Yes of course... here you go Prolyte Truss Example.vwx
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