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Underhung Dead Hangs lock up VW21


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Hello fellow Braceworks Puzzle Solvers™


Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems pretty straightforward to me.


The attached file "Underhung Hoists" works with Braceworks perfectly fine.


The other attached file "Underhung Dead Hangs" is exactly the same content except that rather than suspending the lower truss from three ¼ ton hoists I changed the symbol to one of the Dead Hangs. I will be suspending the lower truss 5ft below the top one with wire rope stingers and I thought that this is what a dead hang would model. When I run a calculation on this setup is locks up VW and I have to force it to quit.


Any ideas what is going on?


My work around is to take the ¼ hoist symbol and eliminate the weight and geometry of the hoist. I fully expect that to work - But isn't that really the only difference between Dead Hangs and Hoists? In the OIP the Dead Hang is listed as a Hoist object.


Any input would be appreciated.

Underhung Dead Hangs.vwx Underhung Hoists.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I just tested your file and found that if I changed the 'Hoist Position' drop-down to 'Show No Hoist' then the system will calculate correctly (at least in 2021 sp5).
I also tested using 2022 sp2.1 and it worked correctly there.
Let me know if this works for you

I've opened a bug report to get the underlying problem fixed

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