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  1. I wish the new Insert Truss tool gave us a way to select a truss or truss system and change the color attributes. The simplified attributes are currently based on the settings for the Rigging-Truss-Simplified class and all of the trusses colors are always the same. I would like to have truss built from the same components to be able to display as different colors. i.e. Scenic trusses are BLUE and lighting trusses are RED.
  2. stayathomedad

    2019 Truss Symbols

    I believe that the simplified truss is to have a way to work with truss that isn't so data heavy. But it doesn't look right with just the rectangle, which is actually an extrude. I went in and edited the simplified look so that even when simplified is on and truss class is off, it still looks like a truss. I'm sure I increased the data a bit more than just an extrude but it should be nowhere near as much data as the 3D modeled truss.
  3. If editing the height or width of a straight truss, the z height changes. I'm not sure where to report this bug, but I am not the only user on my team seeing this.
  4. stayathomedad

    Callout tool Major Bug

    Aaaaand I just found a solution, at least in my situation. The bug was on my Working File from drawing that we are using Project Sharing. I committed all my changes, closed that working file and opened a new one. My callout tool now works correctly. I have a copy of the corrupted working file that I saved as a vwx and it is still corrupted. I will be passing this on to the tech team. Still would like to know the secret to deleting the leader lines...
  5. stayathomedad

    Callout tool Major Bug

    I'm having the same problem. Once I add additional leader lines and get the secondary shoulder it seems to get confused and adds extra lines and the position choices in the OIP don't work properly. I also have yet to get the delete leader line command to work consistently. Great features. Just seems a bit buggy. I also want my callout tool to work correctly on the file I have without rebuilding all of it. Has anyone sorted this out yet?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to get =IMAGE to show a complete speaker array? It only wants to display the bumper. Thanks Harry
  7. stayathomedad

    Speaker Images included in Array Image in Worksheet

    Thanks for your reply sir. They were built using the array tool and have been populated. I would like to have my schedule show the number of boxes in addition to listing the speakers. Here is a screenshot of what I get. Still no speaker boxes
  8. stayathomedad

    Hoist Tool Personalization

    I would like to be able to change the font and the way the load numbers are rounded. I have some standard fonts that I use for my paperwork and I want my data in those fonts. Also, the fact that the loads are rounded to the hundreths of a kg/lb in my opinion looks bad and is also scientifically inaccurate. Rounding to the hundreths implies accuracy to the hundreths which in show business is laughable. It seems to me that our accuracy should be to the tens digit. Is this comment enough to make this happen some day? Until then, I will turn off the data display and stamp like I always have.


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