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vs.GetLName doesn't work

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I don't understand, why the GetLname-Function in the following code doesn't work, the GetClass-Function instead does work.

Both functions work with a Handle (HNDL) and return a String value.

def CalledProc(HNDL):
#	LNR=vs.GetClass(HNDL)

I attached a small vwx 2022 file with a few rectangles and a python script with the posted code which (as you can read) reads out the class name or the layer name and writes it into the record format field "layer" from the record format "l-test".


any idea why GetClass works and GetLName instead doesn't? I tried the function in other scripts, of course, too, without any differences...


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GetLName returns the name of the referenced layer, eg.

# the current design layer name = 'Layer 1'
# to get a handle to the active layer, you'd use vs.ActLayer()

layername = vs.GetLName(vs.ActLayer())
# should display 'Layer 1'


I think what you're after is vs.GetLayer(HNDL).



and then vs.GetLName


h = vs.FSActLayer()
layer_name = vs.GetLName(vs.GetLayer(h))
# vs.GetLayer(h) returns a HANDLE to the layer the object 'h' belongs to


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