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record format?, how to pre-fill text with layer name


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When I need to create a bunch of CNC files for millwork parts, I create a layer called 'cnc 1', and paste all the parts on this layer. I then start arranging the parts on the sheet, and when it's full I duplicate the layer, rename it 'cnc 2', and then carry-on with the remaining parts. 


Is it possible to have the title over each sheet inherit the name of the design layer? Then when I duplicate the layer, the title of the sheet is updated. It would save editing this text every time, and eliminate any possible errors.


Thanks for any help!



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A data tag will handle this pretty easily.


In the attached file the data tag automatically picks up the name of the design layer.  For the material I used the layer description - just because it was there and easy, but you could also just use a plain data field.  Double click on the tag and you will get a dialog window and you can enter the material.  If you open the organization window you will be able to edit the layer and there is a button to get to the layer description that way too.


I made this in 2022, but I think it should also work in 2021.


I may have misunderstood the whole question - do you also need to name sheet layers?

CNC v2021.vwx CNC.vwx

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