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On 2/6/2022 at 4:32 PM, Landartma said:

A few things nagging me and some others in the landscape community are a functioning landscape wall tool and fence tool.  The goal would be to allow a designer to simply put a batter on a wall and have the same kinds vertical layering options as the wall tool, the difference being materials stone veneer instead of siding or drywall etc., with some sort of library items showing different construction methods and materials.  Block and veneer, dry stack field stone, SRWs etc. and the foundation and capping options available for those options.  I was able to create some pretty cool stuff with my trainer but its just a bit cumbersome to have to model every wall especially if its on a simple project.  The other is the fencing/gate insertion issue.  Possibly an upgrade to the wall and window and door insertion tool to consider these items would be hugely helpful.  It seems as if its almost there with existing tools I don't know how much of an ask this is.... but seems reasonable it we want to create accurate 3d models.

I would agree with @Landartma, but at first did You tried to create your own wall styles and save it in favorites?

remember that You can always add some  wall Projections or Recesses, there is a nice video by @Jonathan Reeves7 here:

But I agree that it should be improved in landscaping probably by adding some wall finial feature...
Gates and fences yep! should be upgraded especially sliding ones feature.

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Jonathan Reeve's sloping wall technique only works on single sections of Wall as shown in the image so is of limited use. You can't take the sloping wall around a bend or corner or even join a straight wall to it at a corner. So fine if you have a single straight section of retaining wall perhaps but I'm not sure how you'd incorporate it into a building as the video suggests you might.

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Yea I customize walls frequently.  As @TomW says its pretty difficult to get a landscape wall with batter, curves, caps and foundation options.  The wall tool works fine to make a wall with a stone façade but you need to explain to the client that it will have a batter and won't look really like what I'm showing you....its just a representation.  And when site modifiers are applied they tend to be very wonky unless they are one piece.  Maybe I just need more training.  I think its safe to say if you want a wall that looks like a landscape wall in VW you need to model it and all its components.  Although @JohnathanReeves makes some good content.

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