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Move Win/Door ID tags

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When you select the object and hoover the mouse over the blue square when it show a small line with an arrow at each end it will move the tag when you click and drag.  If it shows a line with arrow at each end and an asterisk it will move the whole object when you click and drag.


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Thanks, fellas. I just spent a couple hours looking a 'Data Tags' and am very impressed. How did I miss that all these years.

It took less than an hour to convert a 3 story residential project to tags and get it to look like a desired.


Thanks again.

I started using VW back in '99 as a value add to my building an remodeling business, but for that environment, I didn't need much of what VW offers even back then. I am now semi retired and no longer building, but want to generate some revenue with drafting work. I've upgraded to Arch 2022 and having a blast getting up to speed and developing a portfolio of residentials as a tool for learning as I go.

I realize firms have a hard time finding individuals proficient in VW, so after a time, I hope to leverage this.

So much fun in the meantime.


Thanks again.

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