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Reshape Tool and Inserts

Peter King


A useful trait of the reshape tool always used to be that if you included an inserted object inside the reshape marquee, (eg a 'wide flange' steel section) it would get moved along with the lines and other elements that were being stretched or shortened. Unfortunately this no longer seems to work! I have noticed this since about VW2020 and have up until now just put up with it, using a workaround by reshaping the lines etc first and then moving any included inserted objects manually.


I just wonder if there is a setting somewhere that inadvertently got changed that is causing this to happen. I have trawled through preferences and settings but cannot find anything. I can't seem to find any reference to this on the forum or even on a general Google search so if anyone out there has any ideas I would love to hear from them!


As an addendum I would just like to point out that any home-brewed symbols that are included in the marquee continue to be moved as before, it seems only inserted elements such as steel sections that don't get moved.

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Hello @Peter King,

We have one user in our jurisdiction (New Zealand) that has reported this behaviour. I verified it then submitted it to Vectorworks engineers in November. After a decent search of the Forum yours is the only other report I can find, so it seems like very few users are affected. Your steel section objects are 2D plugin objects, so I'll add here that 3D plugin objects also fail to be moved when included in the marquee selection. I confirmed the issue is absent in Vectorworks 2020, but present in Vectorworks 2022 and 2023. 


If any other users are affected by this issue, please use the 'Vote' up button to the left of the top comment. This will help engineers gauge how many people are affected. Add comments if you are severely impacted too. 

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@Jeremy Best Apologies for not acknowledging it before but many thanks for your reply. In the current version of VW (2024) this issue seems to have been addressed - partially at least. Inserted objects such as RHS sections do now get moved when inside a reshape marquee but the screen doesn't update instantly, at least it doesn't on my M1 Macmini. After a refresh or deleting the items and bringing them back with a cmd+Z they have been moved as intended. I seem to remember this happening on an earlier version of VW some years ago so hopefully the issue will be resolved in a later service update this year.

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