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GeoImage Quality

Ned Daugherty


When I create a geoImage, and trun off the background georef image, the one I creaeted is super dark. I can barely see it or use it. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to lighten the new geoImage that I created (not reduce opacity, but actually lighten / brighten the geoimage)? Please see attached files; one with the original, total georef image (esri server) and one with only the geoImaged rectangle.  Or maybe another server service?  really appreciate any help, thanks.

Screen Shot 09-09-21 at 05.11 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 09-09-21 at 05.11 PM 001.PNG

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Ned Daugherty, I'm curious if this just has to do with the resolution of the image. The background will display a preview and because you are zoomed out quite a bit, it might be displaying a lower res image. Once you place a geoimage it will use the default resolution of 1024 pixels which is perhaps higher than the resolution. Try testing out changing the resolution higher or lower and you will notice the image changes, grabbing different images from the server based on your input.

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