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cutting holes in cabinets

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I've created some kitchen cabinets using the "create base cabinet" tool in the Objects pallete. Is there any way to cut a whole in this to insert a sink? I've removed the counter and inserted my own, which I can create a hole for the sink but inthe cabinet. Or is there another cabinet tool that does not have a top?

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Thanks Robert, but I've tried that already. It puts the counter top away but the cabinet under it remains a solid object, which cuts through the bowl of the sink. (sorry I've just re-read my first message, it's not very clear)

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I'd like to chime in here and add a comment and a vote.

The comment: I have always had this problem with the parametric casework modules. My solution has been to simply create a rounded rectangle to match the sink, convert it to a thin extrude and texture it with a water texture. So the sink bowl has water in it. I have on one occaision stuck a flower bouquet image prop in a sink bowl as though someone was watering it in the sink. This distracted from the appearance of the shallow bowl caused by the "solid" casework passing through the sink bowls. Another thing I have tried is declaring the basic casework color to be a water blue. Attributes palette coloring. This is what shows in the sink. The rest of the cabinet is colored or shaded with the class textures - wood, paint, etc. that have been declared for the cabinet.

Yes - it these are "work arounds" - but until NNA believes it is a real item to fix - base cabinets which are hollow and can be declared to have real swinging/sliding doors and drawers which actually pull out sometimes - then work aronds must be used. Of course one could build your own custom casework using 3d modeling tools, as somoe actual cabnetworkers I have met do.

The parametric casework modules are very useful for some types of projects to quickly arrive at a casework solution. For creating renderable models they have limitations.

A vote: For the suggestion by Peter Cipes to have casework and countertops which automatically cut into parametric counters and casework is not bad.

My suggestion:

How about making the parametric casework more true to life by having it create hollow carcases simulating the real thing. Then dropping in a sink or rangetop doesn't produce anomalies like phony water levels in the sink!

The next logical step would be to have doors which could open and see the shelving, 3D representations which don't show the shelf line telegraphed through the end walls, more optins for finishing casework ends, casework which conforms to walls which do 22.5, 30, 45 (how about any reasonable angle) degree bends (banana and zee shaped casework). Yes VWA does corner cabinets with 45 degree faces but it does not cabinets which do corners. Wrap around corners - at various angles.

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Thanks very much for your idea:


Originally posted by Damon Design:

I will make the cabinet 2-3" deep and when the countertop is created with void for the sink it will pop right in- you may have to create thin walls (back) with the same texture if the cabinet is on an island or cabinet is a stand alone

Sometimes the obvious is not apparent until one steps back and looks at a different angle. Of course! Thin cabinet fronts - I use them for face frame linens all the time - I just couldn't make the mental leap to the sink base cabinets!

Thanks again for the idea. [smile][smile][smile]

Then again - filling the sink with water or a vase of flowers is a good idea too. Only it takes more time to execute.


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