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Space Tool, editable fields not appearing in object info palette

Lorenzo S


Hello everybody,


I am really willing to use the Space Tool, I tried three times in the last 10 years and always gave up due to one inconsistency or another. In 2021 I thought I'd give it another chance, but here I am again. I set up my labels and it all works smoothly on my computer. As soon as I open the same file on another computer in our network, it works with the following limitations:

1) the auto numbering does not work if the labels are placed as annotations. This might be normal, I don't put the labels in annotations but one of my colleagues prefers that.

2) an additional data field that I set up appears in the space label but is not present in the object info palette to be manually changed (yes the field appears in the space tool style and its value is set to be manual and not default). Everything is configured correctly, it works quite well on my computer, but not on the other ones in the network. Same OS, same version of VW.


I attach a vwx file with two random spaces for you. In the image you see the object info palette as it shows on my Mac, on the others computer the last files (Ceiling height m) is just missing, but the filed shows in the space label and is present in the settings.


All the best 

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 11.09.41.png

Space Label custom style.vwx

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