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How to move a detail viewport

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This is probably a dumb question, but I can't seem to find an answer: How do I move a detail viewport to another sheet layer without breaking the link? I like to create and annotate my plans and all the detail viewports on the same sheet layer (I find this faster, less flipping between sheet layers). Then when everything is done I duplicate sheet layers, while progressively placing viewports until they're all on the sheets I want. Then I go back and delete all the duplicates.


Any help appreciated.


VW2021SP6, architect/interiorCAD

MacOS Mojave

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I just did a quick test and it worked for me.


Created objects on design layer and a Viewport on a Sheet Layer-1

Made a Detail Viewport on Sheet Layer-2. - Tested navigation by selecting the detail viewport marker and selection Navigate to Viewport. It worked.

Created a new Sheet Layer-3.

Went to Sheet Layer-2 and selected Detail Viewport object. Changed the layer in the OIP to Sheet Layer-3

Went back to Sheet Layer-1. The Detail Marker had changed to show Sheet Layer-3. Entered the Annotations and selected the marker and chose Navigate to Viewport. It took me to the Detail Viewport on Sheet Layer-3.


What does not work for you?

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That's what I was missing, I knew it was something simple. I wasn't changing the layer in the OIP, I was looking to change it using one of the viewport options, such as advanced properties or callout instances.


Working fine now, thanks for the help as always.

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