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Importing PDFs

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Vita, et. al.


I may be a "cutting edge" user but I am also somewhat practical too. I do not consider that making huge files of graphic info (full of scans, tiffs etc.) is necessary or even the "best" way for every project. Sometimes a judicious use of other technologies and methods is far more cost effective!

So I put into the computer that which is relevant and which the program I am using can do easy and quick. [Roll Eyes]

For what you want to do with "tear" sheets (aka "cut" Sheets) I always plot out a project sheet for that kind of detailed info and paste it up with off the web prints or "xerox" copies. I can do a full sheet in less than 1/2 an hour. (Not counting all the time researching for the correct content to use.)

I also do detail paste ups from my legacy files for the same reason - converting to CAD is timme consuming and pasting up is quick and cost effective.

So my sage wisdom (computer user for 30 odd years) is use the most appropriate technology for your work. Don't force the computer to do stuff which even a "lower" tech can do better! [Wink][smile]

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Thanks for the input. I am surprised by your argument however.

For every software subroutine and macro ever developed there was an ?old school,? solution that, at one time, was more cost effective. If people followed this line of reasoning we would still be using lead holders. Your argument was used when someone first tried to put a photo in a drawing. Until the function is demanded it will never exist

Don?t make excuses for a program?s shortcomings. That goes for VW or any other program. My investment in this software is for the long term. Rest assured, in 18 months PDF will be in the pull down menu for importing objects.

There are leaders and followers -- those with vision, who don?t know ?no,? and those who think they know and often say ?no.?

All this discussion got me thinking... A relatively quick work around is to convert the PDF in photoshop to a JPG and import it as usuall.

A 30 second process...

[ 08-01-2003, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: Vitanaut ]

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I could not find a way to put PDF files into vectorworks unless I converted the PDF to an image file such as TIFF.

So what I have done is to do the opposite. I put all of my PDF information into a PDF file. I printed a VW title block to PDF. I then open it in Acrobat, (full version, not reader). I can then paste tear sheets into that sheet.

The downside so far is that the process is amazingly slow. It can take the computer 10 or more minutes to paste a letter size PDF. Editing text in the PDF is also agonizingly slow.

There has got to be a better way but I am not sure what that might be. Right now it would be faster for me to print tear sheets to paper and paste up those paper images on a Arch D sheet and then make prints from that.

This is a topic that needs to be addressed.

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PDF -> Adobe Illustrator -> DWG/DXF -> AutoCAD

PDF -> GhostScript + GSView + PStoEdit -> DXF -> AutoCAD

PDF -> Adobe Acrobat (free or full version) -> Copy/Paste -> AutoCAD

Open Adobe Illustrator version 10 (if you have it, if not, might

want to consider buying it), open the PDF, then Export to DXF format.

In AutoCAD, open the DXF file and save to DWG.

Get the freebie tools GhostScript + GSView + PStoEdit from the

Internet (any search engine will help you find them all), install

them all in the order noted above, download the quirky help files

that go with them, then open the PDF file in GSVIEW, then you use

the Edit>Convert to vector format... and pick the DXF option.

In AutoCAD, open the DXF file and save to DWG.

The result is not 'pretty' or convenient though.

"FROM AUTOCAD LT forum! Are you really sure the previous responder was that negative?" Then, one must assume you import that to V'works!!

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Originally posted by Vitanaut:


Thanks for the input. I am surprised by your argument however.

Hey, Vitanaut - you said you don't even have full Acrobat. So, since you are either poor or stupid - or most likely both - don't expect the world to compensate for your shortcomings. Get a life so you don't need to attack people who try to help you. No soup for you!

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Thanks for your valued opinioni on what my argument is. I think you do not fully understand my point of view. When the technology fails me and costs me $ and time, I write stuff in the wish list(s) and communicate to the companies. Then I use whatever tech is cost effective until the "programmers" catch up to where I want to be.

Usually it's not a case of the programmer's ability but the marketing departments perception of what will generate more revenue for the cmpany producing the software. Nemetschek no exception. Stuff I and others want to see are still languishing in the wish list whilst other items are "voted" on more regularly.

We should all be more doing more regular reading of the wish list and casting votes for stuff.

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Petri and Richard

May I politely take you to task for hooting at those whose perceptions about what can be "afforded" are diffierent than your own.

I've been "rich" and I've been "poor" and know that sometimes fixing an older Mac or stretching out an older PC operating system longer has to be done when workloads are thin and profits illusive during troubled times.

And then there is the proverbial "learning curve" - some folks just cannot spend even the smallest amount of time learning a "new" piece of software because of demands on their time.


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, bclydeb, wasn't responding to anything you suggested, VITANAUT, chose the Photoshop path ,$$$, unless he knew someone who had it free over the ACROBAT path after being posted, not you're well wriiten suggestion, hell you're right and he's in the world of tunnel vision. I applaud you're well thought out use of computer application. There still exists out there the reality of putting less and less on output drawings from civil engineers to the point that you cannot take a printout and reproduce a site plan, that sucks! Which leaves those of us who have to make that part of our submittal package available for our drawings to the approval authorities, whomever they are. Did not not mean to offend you!

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we are Mac based, and use PDF's all the time in our drawings, and from our drawings. there are 2 simple ways to place a PDF into a VW file: in VW, go to the File menu, import, image file... that will place the PDF as a bitmap which can be scaled, stretched, moved, whatever. 2 is to open the PDF in acrobat reader, do a snapshot of the image, or part of image (comman, shift, control, 4), and then a command V in VW. doea the same thing. works pretty darn good and is quick as heck. the import feature, though, hase more control over the quality of the image being placed. hope this helps...

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Originally posted by bclydeb:

Petri and Richard

May I politely take you to task for hooting at those whose perceptions about what can be "afforded" are diffierent than your own.

With all due respect, I have no idea what you are talking about. Vitanaut made the point about 'leaders' but does not show any signs of leading in any other compartment than whinging. You, on the other hand, made some very sober comments about appropriate software.

[ 08-07-2003, 11:12 AM: Message edited by: Petri Sakkinen ]

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Thank you for your info on doing a copy of a screenshot to clipboard. I have been using a Mac since 1989 and did not know you could send a screenshot to the clipboard. I have used shift command 4 for years, but in OS9 it gives you a PICT file and in OSX it gives you a PDF file. Adding the command key opens a whole new world for me.

I also did not know you could import a PDF to VW. Thank you again.

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