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Handle to object inside a group

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I want to get a handle to a selected object that is inside a group.  In particular, I want to get this handle while I am inside the group editing it.  Actually it is inside a group that is inside a group.  I know that the group is the parent to the selected object, but there does not seem to be a way to get a handle to a selected object while editing that object inside the group.  FSActLayer returns the handle to the highest level group that contains the object being edited.  Actually, I'm not so much editing it as collecting data about it which is why I need its handle.  Anybody have a neat little trick to get a handle to selected object inside a group that is inside a group.  I am, of course, in group edit mode.  

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If you get a handle to the parent, then use FInGroup() and NextObj() to cycle through the objects in the group, then use Selected(), it might work. An alternative would be to use FInGroup(), check the first object is not selected using Selected(), then jump straight to the selected object using NextSObj(). All just a guess mind you.

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Thank you Josh!

I've used waldo before, and I'm embarrassed that I did not think of it, but it is a different application from my previous ones.  The use of "PrevSObj()" is fabulous, very scalable and applicable for the vast majority of my needs.

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