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Whats the right node?

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I have a selection of 7 angles. (-7.5°, -5.0°, -2.5°, 0.0°, 2.5°, 5.0° and 7.5°)

I want the user to be able/required to pick one of the angles and that becomes the input value for the "Symbol nAngle"


What I tried so far, "SLIDER" only takes integers as input values, same for "Popup" list.

"Ordered List" gives me 7 iterations as a result of 7 input values in the list.


Keep in mind I'm a Marionette rookie, so take it easy and keep it simple.




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The way I've done it before is to have a Popup node with the number of choices (which requires editing the coding of the node to include your choices by double clicking the node and removing the top two lines of code, then filling in the appropriate choices), which then is used in conjunction with a List node which contains the actual angle values using Real input nodes.  This List node then plugs in to a Get Item node in the "list" input, with the Popup node going into the "iIndex" input.  The Get Item node's "item" output then would plug into the Symbol node's "nAngle" input.  Does this make sense?

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I'm attaching a file with a modified Popup node. It will output the value chosen by the user.


The lines that are modified:

13 - defines the list of options

14 - displays the list in 13 for the values in the Popup

30 - gets the selected item from the values in line 13 as defined by the result of the selection in 14, then converts it from string to float for numerical operations.


I hope this helps! It's very similar to how Jesse described his method, but avoids the spaghetti mess of placing all of those nodes.

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Thanks Marissa.

I am either blind or don't know how to work the web page, but I don't see the attached file.

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