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Drawing Label Alignment

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I am wondering if there is a simple way of aligning my drawing labels (in viewports) on sheet layers.

I have a handful of drawing labels which i have manually placed in each viewport and then laid out the viewports on the page and I noticed that the labels don't line-up perfectly.


Is there a simple way of setting the x or y coordinates for drawing labels. I created a worksheet of all drawing labels in my drawing but I can only see 'Drawing Label2'.'ControlPointX'.

I cannot edit them in worksheet, so I am guessing they are the wrong values thing to be changing.


Advancing even further on a similar point - is there a way of locating the drawing label a fixed distance from the corner of the cropping rectangle too ?... may be a bit advanced for me though !






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Thanks, @jeff prince - When placing manually I normally use object/smart line snapping, yes. I've been a big fan of Excel spreadsheets for years , so I just imagine being able to set everything within a database-esque environment to keep things ultra tidy. None of that 'by-eye' malarky 😄 .


If I could select a column of values and set the X value to the same (for all the vertically aligned labels (and the same for the y values for all the horizontal ones)

Being able to crop everything in the same sort of manner would be awesome.

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As I understand it you generally can’t edit geometry via a worksheet, just record info/data.


What you can do with a worksheet is see what the x/y coordinates of your labels are and then if you want to adjust any right click on the row header and choose “select item”. This should take you to the item tho I have noticed that with vw  2021 this doesn’t always work with objects in vp annotations. It works if the correct sheet is active when the “select item” is done. So if you have a column in your worksheet for sheet layer then you can see which sheet a label is on and make the sheet active before selecting the item.


All that said, like @jeff prince I just manually locate drawing labels. We have a 5x5mm guide grid built into our titleblocks and along with snapping and full screen cursor cross hairs lining things up is pretty quick.

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