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Workgroup/User Files



We have a problem.


We have an onsite server where we store all of our project files and library files.  The individual desktop computers are not used to store any files.  We do not want individual library files kept on individual computers for consistency.


Overtime we have developed a folder called user files and a folder called workgroup files which are kept on the server.  Under preferences we just select these two folders and VW has been directed to the correct location and everything has just worked and appeared in the resource browsers and other menus etc.


However, we have just got a new server and VW is no longer working - ie/it can't open as we keep on getting contained error messages about shortcuts not working on VW loading.  So I have investigated these two folders and determined that they basically have the same named folders within each and contain multiple shortcuts between each).


So I am wondering:

1.  How do other people handle an onsite server and do they use a similar strategy?

2.  Should we have the two folders and if so should they have a different file structure and be used for storing different things?

3.  If this is just a problem of messy folder structure and there is a set folder structure which should be used, where would I find this.


It has become a critical problem and the old server is failing, so copied all the libraries over and now can't open Vectorworks. 



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OK, I just had more time to read your post.


Shorcuts are drive specific. That means that when you moved the folders to the new server it is probably using shortcuts to the old server that it can't access.


There is ZERO reason to have shortcuts between the Workgroup and User folder.


VW has three levels of hierarchy from which it draws it's resources, the Applications Folder, the Workgroup Folder, and the User Folder. In each of those folders there should be a lot of folders and files, but the most important sets are Libraries:Defaults, and Libraries:Object Styles.  Inside each of these is a long list of specifically named folders that contain VW files containing resources that are called upon for setting Object Styles and showing Default Content for various tools.


If a file with the exact same name exists in two or more levels of the hierarchy, then the one closest to the user wins.  So the objects in the User Folder will be used instead of the ones in the Workgroup Folder. And if there is nothing in the User Folder, then the Workgroup Folder will be used instead of the data in the Application Folder.


Since VW handles all of the picking between the different folders, you do not need shortcuts.


Personally, I believe you need to be very careful about using a single User Folder shared among different users. Too much chance of fighting preference changes, or different options being set by another user. But other who actually use a shared User Folder (@Zoomer are you the one using the shared User Folder) have reported that they have no problems.



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