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  1. It seems that we have been having this problem for some time. We often draught plants which do not touch each other using the Polyvertex placement mode. This reducing the number of tags displayed as only one per draughted group is created. In previous versions we have selected a polygon to display between the plants. Seems since the upgrade to 2021 this has not worked and everyone has been draughting separate polygon between plants. It also seems that old projects converted to 2021 loose the polylien (I have yet to test this fully). I have tested this and can not seem to get the polygon to display as it previously should - is this a known bug? See screen video. Plant Tool issue.mp4
  2. @hollister design Studio we have this problem also and it seems to be getting worse. It used to open just occasionally. We have a callout and double click it to edit it, however the callout that opens is a different random callout. We then press cancel and try again, some thing, close down the file, reopen and it still happens. We now have a few files where almost every call out in the file has this problem. Even worse like you sometimes when you press cancel it changes anyway and you have to press undo to get the original callout back. The problem seems to be when we actually have nominated a database. The callouts which don't have the problem have no database selected, however you can't remove the problem by changing the database to none as the error still happens and the selection of None doesn't seem to stick. I am having to retype every callout which has the problem and then if I make a spelling mistake, i have to do it again!! Did you find a solution.
  3. Thank you@Pat Stanford . Is there a list somewhere of the folder subfolders/file heirachy? Thanks
  4. Hi Pat, The user and workgroup location has been nominated in each persons preferences and files can be directory opened from those folders. What else would need to be done?
  5. We have a problem. We have an onsite server where we store all of our project files and library files. The individual desktop computers are not used to store any files. We do not want individual library files kept on individual computers for consistency. Overtime we have developed a folder called user files and a folder called workgroup files which are kept on the server. Under preferences we just select these two folders and VW has been directed to the correct location and everything has just worked and appeared in the resource browsers and other menus etc. However, we have just got a new server and VW is no longer working - ie/it can't open as we keep on getting contained error messages about shortcuts not working on VW loading. So I have investigated these two folders and determined that they basically have the same named folders within each and contain multiple shortcuts between each). So I am wondering: 1. How do other people handle an onsite server and do they use a similar strategy? 2. Should we have the two folders and if so should they have a different file structure and be used for storing different things? 3. If this is just a problem of messy folder structure and there is a set folder structure which should be used, where would I find this. It has become a critical problem and the old server is failing, so copied all the libraries over and now can't open Vectorworks.
  6. To provide more information about how annoying this is - we have 20,000 plants approx across 17 different sites and associated schedules and 20 different actual plant symbol types. To manually go to every single site and click on every single draughted group of each plants to get it to wake up is simply not feasible. The resource browser only shows one symbol in the file - but when individual daughted symbols within the document are selected the information is different (as can be seen int he above screen shot) and the plants appear twice on the schedule or not at all with their different data displayed. We have probably spend 8 hours on trying to work out what is going on and have a project due in a few days. We can't risk getting the plant numbers wrong. All we have managed to figure out is it something to do with IFC data, as this is what appears different. Aaaughhh dying a slow death ūüėě
  7. We have a client who manages a program of annual/seasonal colour plants in public open spaces. We design the displays and the plants are in their individual pots within their displays. The Client can obtain data about the performance of the plants during the display - for example the height at a certain week, how many of a particular plant needed replacement etc, if some plants needed extra water, if some plants required less water. We would like to utilise this information to ensure our designs begin to be more robust and so that the client can schedule replacements, extra watering etc better. For instance - if we nominated a bulb and had the data that indicated it needed replacement at week 5 after installation, how could we draught this plant symbol and then produce a report to say to replace them at that week? Say for instance we nominate a plant which we know needed 10% replaced at week 7 would be another typical senario.
  8. We have recently started using the Titleblock manager to control/update fields across our whole documentation set. However, we are finding that it freezes when we try to update the fields. For instance to add a Version stamp to the titleblock across 46 sheets yesterday took 45minutes to process. In other files the problem has been the same and every individual titleblock has been edited which is then quicker - however there is the risk a field will be missed and the entire process will need to be done again. Another frustration is that every other person has to close out of shared files to use the file - which seems to be logical, except for if someone is working on a planting plan and another person just needs to issue the concept set. Are other people having this problem? Have other people had this problem and been able to resolve it. Thanks
  9. We have developed a printing problem in 2020 and 2021 versions, in the last two weeks. When we publish a pdf, the pdf opens like usual but we are unable to print it. However, when we pdf individual sheets on the same settings and each individual page can then be printed with no problem. As far as I can tell this problem started when we installed the latest service patch for the two versions. It isn't an individual file problem as its in three different files we have tested. Any hints on what is going on?
  10. I have Landmark 2009 and renderworks. I am having difficulty with a number of files. I can't zoom in and out well. I zoom in and a get a split second glimps of what I should see - the it flicks back to the original view, fades slowly and then returns to the view as it should be seen. I had at first thought that it only occured if I had attached 3D info to the plants but have now realised that this is not the case. Even when I turn all the fill classes of and just view as black and white lines it still happens. I have a GeForce 8300 with the current driver and a AMD processor. Should this graphics card to able to handle it? Please help as it takes about 20minutes to make small adjustments which should take about 30seconds.


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