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  1. I think we are having a similar problem - when using a symbol from our library all parameters come in as set to individual instance - which means that we are manually having to open each item and select by style which is fixing it for that project and appears to get everything to show up as it used to. this is very time consuming. Are we missing something - is there a function e can select first which ensures all parameters are set to use style so our symbols come into the file like this. It is seriously making every planting plan take twice to four times as long.
  2. We have a file which just shuts down - seemingly for no reason. ie/ there is nothing we are doing which we can link to it shutting down. Except for maybe deleting references. It happens maybe a few times a day. No other files are doing this so we think it is file specific. Is there a report or something which we can view which would tell us why so we can fix it? Thanks 🙂
  3. I was just wondering if there has been any progress on this as we still have the problem and gave up. Thanks 🙂
  4. I should also say that my staff members say they have built new plant schedules from scratch and it is still happening.
  5. I have looked at this further - the issue began in October 2020. Its every file and to force it to show the data is just wasting time - some projects have lots of worksheets and its a few minutes each tiem - which doesn't seem like a big deal but adds up quickly over multiple projects, staff members and the entire life of a project. As landscape architects it is getting pretty frustrating - you would think having the data stay displayed would be a key feature required of the program. At first i thought perhaps there was an option or formula whichw as wrong, but I can't identify anything.
  6. A very quick question - Can you apply an artistic render mode to just a 2D drawing?
  7. We do use project files, but it happens even when we are not doing this. PC, VW 2022 and VW 2021, Windows Today we have a very small project, two different plant schedules. Made all changes yesterday. Closed the file last night. Opened it this morning and schedules blank.
  8. was it figures out if this was just a slick marketing feature, twinmotion render, or actually something which can be set as part of the symbol and then pushed into twinmotion/lumion or another rendering option?
  9. We have an ongoing problem we have not been able to solve. It seems to be connected to shared files. We have a worksheet which calculates the number of plants and generates a Planting Schedule. On opening the file the schedules are blank - this is annoying as they have to be recalculated. The rows data should exist in are not shown blank, they are not shown - the schedule consists of just the headings. Having to recalculate on a small project is OK - still annoying as you often might pdf and then only see the schedules are blank on review of PDF, but on large files it takes time to recalculate all schedules. Once you recalculate, you can work as normal and save and commit, the next day you open the file and the schedules are blank. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the fix.
  10. The referenced images would have been placed onto sheet spaces. So there is no way to purge unusued references where the image has been deleted but the name of the file still shows in the referenced list? Thanks
  11. is there a way to purge unused references out of a file. For instance, we have a file which we have been using for a project which has run over many years. There have been many referenced in images on the sheet spaces, but the sheets have become irrelevant over time and deleted. However, i still have a huge list of referenced files, which i am sure appear no where and would like to remove. the problem is there are probably over 100 of them and i can not be sure they don't appear. is there a way of deleting from the list the file names where the actual reference has been deleted. if not is there a way of clicking on a referenced file name and finding where the information/View port is within the file so i can determine if it is actually used?
  12. We have this problem too - actually I have noticed it a few times with very large complex files but this file is very simple. But today it appeared in a very simple file. We have a baseplan file from the architect. It's small 200KB you can zoom in and out easily. It is referenced into our concept file - you only see the line work when zooming in and out. We built a very simple 3D model., then you could only see any linework when zooming in and out. I deleted 3D model - no difference. After spending about 45 minutes on it I selected unified view and everything worked. Does anyone know what the underlying issue would have been?
  13. It seems that we have been having this problem for some time. We often draught plants which do not touch each other using the Polyvertex placement mode. This reducing the number of tags displayed as only one per draughted group is created. In previous versions we have selected a polygon to display between the plants. Seems since the upgrade to 2021 this has not worked and everyone has been draughting separate polygon between plants. It also seems that old projects converted to 2021 loose the polylien (I have yet to test this fully). I have tested this and can not seem to get the polygon to display as it previously should - is this a known bug? See screen video. Plant Tool issue.mp4
  14. @hollister design Studio we have this problem also and it seems to be getting worse. It used to open just occasionally. We have a callout and double click it to edit it, however the callout that opens is a different random callout. We then press cancel and try again, some thing, close down the file, reopen and it still happens. We now have a few files where almost every call out in the file has this problem. Even worse like you sometimes when you press cancel it changes anyway and you have to press undo to get the original callout back. The problem seems to be when we actually have nominated a database. The callouts which don't have the problem have no database selected, however you can't remove the problem by changing the database to none as the error still happens and the selection of None doesn't seem to stick. I am having to retype every callout which has the problem and then if I make a spelling mistake, i have to do it again!! Did you find a solution.
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