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Vision Update Issue

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Not a VW employee, but I believe if you need to use MA-Net2 or MA-Net3, you need a physical Vision dongle, it won't work with a serial number through Service Select.  From what I understand, this is an issue with their agreement with MA Lighting.  It should still work over sACN or Artnet, though.  If you DO have a dongle, make sure that it is current by running the Help - Update Dongle command.  I've had issues in the past when updating to a newer version where the dongle wouldn't be properly recognized until running the command.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Jesse Cogswell is correct, to use MA-Net2 you'll need a Vision dongle. Artnet and sACN will work with both a dongle or serial number. For MA-Net3, you'll need the MA vis-key.

Your distributor or customer service can assist you in switching to a dongle, if you decide you need it.

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Hi @Jesse Cogswell and @Mark Eli

About MA-Net 3 I've seen that straight from malighting (MA vis-key)

When I upgraded from 2020 to 2021 they told me that the dongle was no longer necessary.

Now with this update is it required again?

I have since the 2019 version, which I used and had no problem. Now do I need another dongle?

I can update my old dongle?

Thanks for you time and keep safe !!!


it is impossible to update the dongle from the help update dongle :(

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@AlexSawaya Your existing Vision dongle can be updated.
You will need to contact customer service to switch back to the dongle and update the dongle information.
Once that's done then run the dongle updater on your machine with he dongle inserted and connected to the internet.

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