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Structural Insulated Panels - SIPS

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I VWA user yet, so I was wondering if there is anyone creating construction documentation with VWA for homes built from S.I.P.'s(Structural Insulated Panels www.sips.org)? Typically shop drawings are created for the SIP manufacturers, the panels are cut in the factory and then shipped to the worksite. Does VWA help in creating these 2D panel drawings from a 3D model? If so, what would happen if the 3D model was changed -- would the 2D drawing change automaticly.

Thanks in advance,Nick

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I designed a 1800 sq. ft. house using sips that is currently under construction. I have relied on the traditional method of shop drawings for this project. That is, the fabricator was sent a hard copy of the set from which they were required to generate drawing from. I used the standard, (non-intuitive, poorly designed, cryptic) wall type tool to draw the project. I felt that forcing the fabricator to read the drawings makes them pay attention and not take your electronic information verbatim. I know this is an antiquated method, but so far it has worked.

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