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Shaker Style Doors Modification

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Hello everyone,


First time posting on here after lots of reading.


I'm a furniture designer and we use vectorworks to set out our technical drawings, mostly in 2D. We make quite complicated shaker doors with metal inlays which take a while to set up and it's always an absolute nightmare if the door size would have to be changed as I can't just resize because that changes the widths of both the shaker panels and the inlays.


Is there any way to draw shaker style doors so that if I have to change the width or height, all the shaker panels, inlays, cut outs or routings stay the same?


Many thanks in advance!





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If you are working in just 2D, then it is relatively simple to keep the inlays separate from the panels. Just make the inlay a group, and when you resize the door, don't select the inlay group. You can still move it where you need it with all of the relatively positioning still in place.


If the inlay is something that you are going to use repeatedly, make it a symbol. That way when you change it once it changes in all locations.


You can even do something very similar if you want to do 3D models.


Post an image of one of your doors with inlays and we might be able to make even better recommendations.

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I still need to resize the panels and inlays but they need to stay the same distance relative to the doors.


Example - 600mm door with 60mm shaker panels and 9mm inlay. So the panel are offset 60mm from the door edge and than the inlay offset 9mm from the panel edge.


I've attached a sample file to hopefully make it clearer. I want to be able to make the desk slightly narrower and the wardrobes slightly wider while keeping all the offsets and the door handle details the same. Potentially even reduce the width of the drawer boxes while still keeping the thicknesses of everything at 18mm.


(sorry it's an educational version, I did this from my own computer)

Test Project 1.vwx

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@Kiril Komitski The file you posted was a 2021 version, so I could not open its but....there is a program that many of us here use called 'InteriorCad', that works inside VW. It does things that the standard VW cabinet tool can't do. I believe InteriorCad version 2021, is able to facilitate exactly what you wish to achieve......quickly modifying a shaker door overall size, but maintaining the panel specs that you noted.

The guy who can answer that is Stephan Moenninghoff. 

Personally, I use InteriorCad almost daily to create cabinets for my projects. HUGE time saver over trying to model them yourself.


So....I would contact him, or perhaps his ears are burning because we are discussing this, and he will pop in with some comments :-)



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