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How to mange door and window 3D Tags

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Greetings :)


I'm finding it difficult to manage the 3D tags, especially in the elevation/section viewport.


What do I wish to achieve?

To find a way to select the 3D tags of doors and windows and make them visible in one viewport and invisible in another viewport.


What I did so far:

1) I've created an exterior elevation with a section line and in the viewport, everything is fine except some 3D tags of the object (3D tags of the objects which were present in the background). I'm able to switch it off by controlling the "extend beyond section line depth" and while doing it the object also disappears (obviously). I would like to only switch off the 3d tags of the objects (door and window) not the entire object.

2) When I switch off the 3D tags of the door and window manually by selecting the actual object, it disappears in all the elevations, which I don't want.

3) So I'm creating different classes to hide it from one viewport and make it visible in other viewports which I'm finding it difficult.


Can anyone here help me with a best practice to achieve it?


Let me know if I can give you some more details on it.


Thanks in advance :)))

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@Rishie, assigning your tags (I would use Data Tags not the "built-in" door or window tag) to a class and toggling them on/off in a viewport is considered best practice I believe.



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I have stopped using the 3-D tags on doors and windows. I now use a data tags in the annotation part of the viewport. The reason for this is that if you put the window tags on in the annotation part of the viewport, you can choose where that window tag goes as you place them. If you put the data tags as part of the window, you have to go back to the window symbol to locate the tag location. If you change the window number in the plan, your data tags will update automatically in your viewports.

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