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polyline split & dup along path

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Hi I am have trouble with those basic tools again and I don't know how to trouble shooting.

The file and snapshots are in the attachment. I am using VW 2021



I have this red polyline and I want to split it in those tangent points, I select split tool and click on the line but nothing happens. If I drag the red line to another random place, the split tool works. It just doesn't let me split the line in its original place.


Then I am trying to duplicate the green rectangle 10 times along the red line, it gives me confusing result as the duplicates fly all over the space instead of following the path. if I check "center on path " it will work better but in this case I don't want the rectangle to be centered on path-------it should on one side of it.



These tools have been failing me for multiple time and I don't know where I did wrong, please help, thank you. 

20210113 landmark study 1.vwx

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The Split tool


To split the polyline at the tangent points you don't actually need the split tool. Just use the Decompose command and the object will be separated into it's various arcs and lines.


However, the Split tool (first mode) really only works on objects when the end result will result in two "standalone" shapes. (This is my way of thinking about it and there is probably a more academic way to think about how the tool operates). If you use the second mode and slice through the shape, then you will almost always get the results you are looking for.


There are two issues with the Duplicate Along Path procedure.


Firstly the direction of the path object is in the opposite direction to the direction that you want the rectangles to travel. If you reverse the direction in the Object Information Palette then the results are more like it.


Secondly, the Path object is not bound to a particular plane and the Plane reading in the Object Information Palette is 3D. If you change that to Layer, then the combination of these two issues should give you the results you are looking for.


In my experience, the direction issue should not make a difference with this command, but I may be wrong as I don't use it that often, so the results you are getting don't make me sit up and shout "bug"! However, the direction of path objects can make a difference to many tools and commands so it is worth looking out for it in the future.

The second, makes more sense. If you want to use a Path object in a 3D Plane, then it is best to convert it to a Nurbs curve or 3D polygon and the results will be much more reliable. As a rule, objects should be co-planar for this tool to work best or at least 2D, 3D and not a combination of the two which is what you have here.


I hope that helps things along



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There is something very weird in the file you posted. I have the same problem you described that the poly can't be split, but that a duplicate moved to a different location can. VW2021SP2


Where did the geometry originate? Was this brought forward from a previous version of VW or imported from another program?


My best suggestion(s) are to:


1) Send the file to tech support and see if they can identify the problem.

2) Redraw the objects in a new file.




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@markdd Thank you Mark. I change the polyline plane mode to "layer" and it works. But I don't understand why it is "3D" as default. And it doesn't give me the "layer" option at the beginning, I need to change it to "screen" first then I can see the "layer" appears. I'll pay attention to those configurations next time, thanks for the help. 

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@Pat Stanford Thank you Pat. All the lineworks are drawn in this VW file. But Markdd's solution works, thank y'all for the help.

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