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Cable Length for Hoist Symbols 2021


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Do anyone know what happened to the cable length field for hoist symbols in the OIP? Or more importantly the new way to display that specific bit of info. I've heard data tags are the new way to display the necessary hoist information on finished drawings, but I don't understand how this would work to add a field to a data tag. 


Thank you

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently the hoist object only documents the connector type that it uses and not its tail length in its properties.


The field is designed to be used with the new cable tools suite, you would document the cables by drawing them in with the cable tools.

Once drawn you can create cable reports and lists documenting the cabling needed for the hoist.


otherwise you could use the notes field in the hoist object to document the cables the hoist needs


@LSWHEELDON to add a new field to a data tag you need to edit its layout

  • insert the tag you want into your file
  • right click on it, select edit and in the dialogue choose tag layout
  • once your are in the edit tag layout interface you need to add a new text box, it doesn't matter what the text says
  • in the texts properties tick the 'use dynamic text' box and then hit the define tag criteria
  • This is where you define what the tag field will display.
    • if you want to use an exiting parameter of the hoist use the calculated field pane to set the data source, object name and parameter, making sure once you have set them to use the add to definition button to enter the new definition in the Current tag field definition pane.
    • if you want a custom field, use the bottom pane, the 'User entered field' section to setup the field, including the default value
  • once you are happy hit ok to confirm and exit the edit tag layout.







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