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Setting to turn off layer colors in sheet layers

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Hi Everyone,


I draft with the layer color setting toggled on in my design layers, but when I switch to my sheet layers I want the setting to automatically turn off so the lines are true colors. Then when I go back into a design layer it toggles back to my last setting, in this case it would be to layer colors turned on. Exactly how AutoCAD does it. Is this possible?


Thank you,


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If you want to do it using Saved Views, Go to the Organization dialog box, Saved View pane. Select the View you want to edit and click the Edit button at the bottom. From the Edit View dialog box, click the Edit Script button at the top right.


To have the view turn on Use Layer Colors enter:   

     SetPref(11, True);


To have the view turn off Use Layer Colors enter:

    SetPref(11, False);


Make sure you include the semicolon at the end.  

Click OK to exit the script editor. Click OK again to exit the Edit View dialog box.


But to me it is easier to just turn on the Quick Preference for Use Layer Colors by clicking on the disclosure triangle at the right end of the Mode bar and checking Use Layer Colors. Then you only have to use one click to toggle the preference.

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I currently use a script to accomplish this, but that workaround is a bit cumbersome when going back and forth between different design and sheet layer saved views. I also use the Quick Preference, but if I forget to turn Layer Colors off BEFORE going into a sheet layer, sometimes my title block or other lines will get stuck in their color and then publishing gets all messed up. I figured if Vectorworks just handled this on it's own it would smooth the whole process.

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