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How Do I Do Stone Mullions for my windows?

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I am new to Vectorworks. 

I am trying to do stone mullions and not sure how this can be done.  Could anyone provide a solution?  I can't simply have three single windows next to each other because the wall depth would be 100%.  What I require is a stone mullion that on the inside shows one complete cill; the mullion does not go the full the depth of the wall.


I'd really appreciate suggestions.



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Welcome to the forum 🙂


Insert a window into the wall.


Select the window.  Click on Settings… in the OIP.


In General:

1). Set the total width and height of the window unit.  

2). Set Sash to Custom

3). Click Custom Sash Options…


In Custom Sash Options:

1).  Set Rows to 1

2).  Set Columns to 3

3).  Set Mullion depth and width.


Use the double arrow buttons at the bottom to select a sash.  Then for each sash set the sash operation, muntin, etc.  If all the sashes are not going to be equal size, make sure you click "Lock sash configuration" before you change the size of another sash.



window example.vwx

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Thank you for your quick response.  Apologies I couldn't check your answer as I was out of the office.


Your answer solves it mostly, thank you.  I've attached a picture of the window.  


The problem now is that the mullions are affecting the transoms too.   There are also two top hung casements and the lower side are side hung that are simple frames.


Is there a way around this to model it like the pictures?


Thank you, and I shall make my response speedier.



28 September 87.jpg

window for vectorworks forum.jpg

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I would just model it.  

Is it one fixed with a muntin up high and two casements with a fixed transom?


Even if  the Vectorworks window tool could make the sashes it couldn’t do the sill. 

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Marvel. I wouldn't do 3 windows because I wouldn't get the internal cill too, or is there a way to do a joint cill?


Michael, sorry how do you mean you would just model it?  


Yes the central windows are fixed, and  the top left and right are top hung; the side windows are side hung casements.  



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There is an option in the window settings to use a symbol rather than use a totally parametric window.


Which means you have to build the symbol.  It's not that bad.  I usually get the window close, duplicate it, switch to a 3D view, then convert it to a group.  Make the changes you need, create a symbol.  Then use that symbol in a window object.


Sounds way worse than it is :-).


Post back if you need more help.

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