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More on Cabinet Handles

Ed Wachter

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I see that this topic has come up before but I still need help. I'm using the Custom Cabinet tool and I'm not able to find cabinet handles except for the few default handles that appear when choosing a handle within the Details tab of the Custom Cabinet settings. I see a VW file of handles (on a Mac) at Applications/Vectorworks 2020/Libraries/Cabinet-Handles/Cabinet Pulls.vwx. How do I get these to appear within Custom Cabinet settings? Can I add more pulls to this file? Can I model my own and add them?


Thank you


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The custom cabinet tool is a different beast entirely from the regular cabinet tool.  I believe it's actually a tool derived from the InteriorCad tools.


I believe that Custom Cabinet handle symbols have to be blue symbols.  And they may have to be in the correct symbol folder in the Resource Manager to show up in the list.  Not positive about that.


Try this.  Open a blank document.  Create a custom cabinet and use one of the stock handles.  Look in the Resource manager.  There should be only one folder under Symbols called interiorcad.  Inside that is a folder called Cabinet Handles.  Inside that will be a 3d only symbol with a blue name.  Duplicate that symbol.  Give it a name.  Edit the new symbol to be what you want.  Or take any other 3d only symbol, make it a blue symbol and edit the 3D to make the handle "face up".  Like it was on a door in the floor.


I believe regular cabinet handle symbols are standard (black) 3D only symbols with the geometry orientated so the door is facing the bottom of the screen.  Custom cabinet handle symbols are 3D only blue symbols with the geometry orientated as if the door was laying flat on the ground.

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That worked, and your post educated me about the Custom Cabinet tool. After modeling the pull I wanted I imported the InteriorCAD folder into my active project and the new pull was available within the Custom Cabinet settings. That's great. And now I see that if I use one of the "regular" cabinet tools (i.e. Wall Cabinet) then I can select any of the pulls from Cabinet Pulls.vwx within the default Library. Thank you! One post and my problem is solved. How efficient!



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Guest Wes Gardner

@Ed Wachter, InteriorCAD is a third-party plug-in that comes in two "flavors"...one that's suited to the designer/architect and another that'

s suited to a production cabinet shop.


Think of the Custom Cabinet Tool as a trial version of InteriorCAD



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Now I've downloaded a trial version of InteriorCad XS and I think I understand more about marketing within Vectorworks. InteriorCad gives the Custom Cabinet tool to Vectorworks in hopes of selling the InteriorCad package to VW users. I'll load the trial version and give it a try.


Thanks for the help.


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