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Fit walls to object (roof)


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Hello - anyone got any idea what the problem might be here? I have done the 'Fit walls to objects' - 'Roof' and its clearly struggling to detect the geometry as I see it. I guess I can fudge it by dragging the wall peak down manually but its a very simple form so it would be surprising if that was necessary?




Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.55.11.png

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Yep sure - attached. Its just an early massing model of an existing house that I want to add some proposals to (and I'm trying hard to work with a Storey type workflow). I changed the wall style and deleted the wall peaks then ran 'fit to objects' again, and it fitted differently (but still overshot the geometry/ different angle to roof). Changing the wall style back reverted to the form shown in the original post. Weird?


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