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Extrude multiple edges at once

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Hi @barnes2000


Can you be more specific please? Maybe generate a screen recording of the situation or at least a screen shot. 


I suspect you're aware of the following and I may just misunderstand the situation you're describing, but just in case or for those who may encounter this thread in future: 

  • There is no tool named 'Extrude,' however there is a menu command but edges of objects can't be selected for use with that command. You must first create, then select objects that work with that command. These include Lines, Polygons, Polylines, Rectangles, Arcs, Circles…. 
  • If you're referring to the Extract tool, the object types it creates (NURBS) don't work with the Extract command. 
  • There is likely a super-easy way to achieve what you're after, but it might not be the way you expect. 


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I assume he's talking about "Extrude Mode" of the Subdivision tool, since this is in the Subdivision subforum (not sure why it has its own forum when other major things don't...) 


I also assume he means faces, rather than edges. But let us know if you meant something different, Scott.


I don't think you can Extrude multiple faces at once, since that mode resets any multiple selection you may have made with the first mode.



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11 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:


I didn't realize you could extrude edges! Apparently it's only edges that are along an open side of the shape.



Yep, and I now know how to extrude more than one at a time. Select the edges or faces and then hold Alt while dragging a coordinate handle.

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I believe this forum channel was created a few years ago, when SubD modeling was first introduced. I'm not completely sure, but my feeling is most Vectorworks users(especially those who are not familiar with other 3D modeling programs) are not comfortable with SubD modeling yet. It can be a little overwhelming, but it is extremely versatile.  It will only get better as more improvements are made to it.

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