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WORKSHEET - Renaming same style name in multiple database criteria

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Hello community,


I wonder is there a way to rename multiple database row criteria (using same object style name) in same worksheet in one action? As you can see in attachment, I have a structure of wall (can be slab, roof..) with 10 components, but each component is directed to the same style name OP02. If i want to list all components for lets say different wall style with name OP03 I have to go to change it 10 times in database criteria...and thats tedious. Also I dont want to have preformatted worksheet for 10 - 20 different wall/slab/roof style in one building.

So any thought or put it other way is there a better criteria approach for calling components with simpler criteria setup?


Maybe script would do it?


Thanks for help.

Snímka obrazovky 2020-06-18 o 13.16.34.png

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If you are willing to not use the Criteria Builder dialog box and manually edit the criteria you could put the Style (or maybe the whole criteria) into a worksheet cell. Then you could change that one cell and all of the databases would update.


But can I ask why you are using so many database sections? It looks like you could do a single database and then SUMmarize on the material and get the same result in a single database.


Ask again if you need help in setting up the criteria formula.

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Thanks Pat.

Your suggestion is something I was thinking of kind of...to have one place where I could control name of style and it will affect whole worksheet all database sections criteria.


Please see attached my setup.

Normally I dont need that much database sections (components), maybe 5 - 7max. But still I wanted to have few rows in case some style 

Primary focus is to provide list of components and their attributes (thickness, lambda, R-value...) and have overall thickness and U value.


I have been following this forum for over year very closely but I havent come to other solution and approach than the one I am using....


I would greatly appreciate your help in simplifying process.


database criteria.vwx

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@Pat Stanford any thought on this matter...?

I have successfully created one worksheet with database criteria set to only one criteria: Visible Selection State > is selected. This make process much much simpler and I am free to name style as I wish.

Of course I have to go through individual wall/slab/roof style to select them and then recalculate given worksheet...but this is definitely much easier workflow.

Anyway, I would be curious to know what was your thought and solution how to simplify this process with one cell where I can define criteria style name.


Thanks in advance.

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