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3d challenge

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we're trying to create a 3d model of a quater of a cylinder that has a complex repeating geometric pattern cut out of it.

Have tried creating a lofted nurb to form the cylinder then using project surface tool to project the pattern onto the cylinder. However this doesn't give the effect of wrapping the pattern around the cylinder.

Any ideas? other than applying the pattern as a texture.

Thanks in advance

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This is just a thought - I haven't tried it out:

Get a trial version of a font creation application - or pay the 30$ for Sigmaker 2.

Import the geometric pattern into the font program and include it in a font. Install the font.

Extract a nurbs curve from the shape, you want the pattern on.

Create text along path, using the new font to make a pattern, and postion the 'text' onto the surface.

I admit this is a pretty wierd workaround, but it should function OK.

I hope NNA spot this and include it somehow.

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I may not understand exactly what you are trying to do but I suggest thinking about it in a different way:

Instead of trying to create with subtraction build it with addition. If you can define the shape of the section you can then extrude it or duplicate a spiral array. Or simply assemble disparate parts and then add solid.

When attempting to define the shape of a 2d section remember to look in both the transverse and longitudinal planes.

If you can describe or send an image I will show you what I mean.

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