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  1. I know it's not much help but we had the exact same problem recently. Luckily we managed to retrieve a full version from a backup.
  2. Using the Epson software, the borders are about 4mm top, lef and right and about 15mm bottom, it's also not possible to use custom page sizes for some reason. Using the gimp print drivers the borders are much smaller and it is possible to use custom page sizes which is quite useful for creating centred prints etc..
  3. This is not really a VW issue so apologies for this post. We're using OS 10.4.4 with Gimp Print drivers for our Epson 1160 because in their wisdom Epson have removed the ability to centre pages and have a huge border on the right hand side with their own drivers (a bit annoying when we're trying to do presentation drawings). The problem we have with the Gimp drivers is that any photos are coming out darker and have a greenish colour cast to them. This happens when both RGB and CMYK are set as the output mode and printing from VW, Power Point, Acrobat. The option to change colour levels is greyed out so I haven't a clue how to boost the magenta etc. Just wondered if anyone has come across a work around for this. Thanks Barry
  4. many thanks for all your help. We tied a couple of options but in the end we just couldn't waste the time trying to get it right. Time is money and all that. We ended up applying the pattern as a transparency map in Artlantis. Regards Barry
  5. we're trying to create a 3d model of a quater of a cylinder that has a complex repeating geometric pattern cut out of it. Have tried creating a lofted nurb to form the cylinder then using project surface tool to project the pattern onto the cylinder. However this doesn't give the effect of wrapping the pattern around the cylinder. Any ideas? other than applying the pattern as a texture. Thanks in advance
  6. We have the HP 500 with the HPGL card connected to an old G4 running OS9 as a print server via USB. When we had a network of entirley OS9 machines we had to purchace Microspot RIP software (Graphicpak) for it to work. Then when we had a mixed OSX and OS9 network we needed to purchase the upgrade to the microspot product (Xrip) which send the print file from the OS X machines to the OS9 print server and then to the plotter. I'm sure there's a better way of doing it, but this works so we're reluctant to waste a few days time experimenting.. Hope this was of some help. Regards Barry
  7. Try searching for a free utility called pdf lab. It seems to work well in Mac 10.4 and it gives a lot more control over how the pages are combined.
  8. Not sure if anyone has ever come across this one but here goes. We have a large drawing in VW 11.5 which has been composed by lines, polygons with gradient fills and text along curve paths that was created in Illustrator 10 and imported into VW using 'Pict as Picture'. We're having problems printing it. Some of the text comes out mirrored and with changed characters. Not all, just certain lines. We have tried printing it to a HP Designjet 500 using Microspot Xrip and by creating a pdf using the OS X built in pdf driver and also by creating a PS file using a HP3500CP driver which was then converted to a PDF using OSX. The same problem happens each time. Would be grateful for any ideas..
  9. is it possible to change the units of the parameters of the plug in objects into metric format ?
  10. As a workaround you might want to try this one out. In OSX 10.4.2 set up a new IP printer using a random IP address ( for example). Choose the HP 3500 CP PS3 driver as your printer. Then When you go to print in VW select save as post script in the Save as pdf menu. This will then create a PS file which you can then open in OSX preview and save as a PDF. It draws the lines with a round pen so it eliminates the thicker diagonal lines. Not ideal I know but it seems to work. The only problem is that it doesn't seem to embed all fonts (helvetica works fine). Give it a go.
  11. Try setting up a virtual printer using the HP driver for the 3500CP. It's already installed as part of Tiger, not sure if it's in 10.3, if not just download it from HP. I set this up as an IP printer with a non existent IP address (, then go to PDF- save as postscript. It seems to work
  12. We had the same problem when we recently upgraded from OS 9 to OS 10.4. If the drawing was created in VW in OS 9 then you first need to clear OS 9 print settings in the file. There's a vectorscript available for download from the Nemetschek Knowledgebase. It's a bit easier than rebuilding the drawing file.
  13. Peter We had the script emailed to us. I can forward it to you if you wish. just need you email
  14. oops sorry that should have been File - Import - Import Vectorscript .....
  15. Many thanks to Richard of Solutions inc. for helping us out on this one if anyone else has the problem here's a work around that doesn't involve having to rebuild the drawing file. The work around involves clearing the OS 9 print settings from the file. There is a small vectorscript that does this called "Clear Print Settings OS9.vss". I think it is available from the Nemetschek Knowledge base. open the drawing file. go to File - import - select Clear Print Settings OS9.vss click OK. Everything then works fine. Remember to save the drawing file before closing it .down
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