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Control of Export Panorama


Control of Export Panorama


More fun with anomalies  & VW 2020


In attempting to utilize the Export Panorama, it appears that there is no logical control. Close, but NO cigar.

What the Save View shows and what is exported initially viewed in the local browser vary from each other. Sometimes, this divergence is quite distinct. 50 odd test leave me befuddled as to how one sets a Saved View and attains the desired result with Export Panorama.





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Utilizing the Open GL in advance of the actual Export Panorama ... and altering the desired highlights he problem.


Best example of this issue - the last variation in the attached - View in VW and the Open GL preview when Export Panorama is selected?


Suggestions? - Peter

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I am also having problems with Panorama's.   I'm starting to use it a lot now for virtual tours as clients seem to love it but it appears that this feature in Vectorworks is half baked.


-  First off when you go to export (render) the panorama on your local machine it locks up Vectorworks.  The save dialog window remains open until the render is complete.  and when I mean open, I mean open,  It overtakes all other applications you may have running on your machine as the overiding top window.  The only way to use any other software on your computer is to drag the window to a corner until the rendering is done. (Not sure if this is considered a bug)

- When doing a virtual tour, I have approx 20 to 30 scenes per project.  For viewport renderings you can issue a command to update all your renderings.  So do all your edits by day, set it to render all night, come back in the morning and everything is done.  Export to panorama is a one at a time event, where like I mentioned, you can no longer work in Vectorworks until the rendering is done.   It totally destroys productivity when I have to  get 20 high quality (3hrs each).  I'm basically out of commission and left doing other tasks but I need to be close to feed Vectorworks a new render every 3 hours.   There needs to be a better workflow solution for this to be viable!!!!

- Yes the initial view is wonky.  I read about the 10:30 clock positioning but I also find that to be sporadic. Sometimes its at 10:30. sometimes it's exactly 180 of the camera view. Luckily I can set the start points in the software I use to create the tours so this isn't a big deal for me but I can see it being frustrating for those not using additional software.

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