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Unstyled Wall Not Taking a Texture?

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This is a weird one - if I apply any texture to an unstyled, un-classed wall, it only applies to the edges. This is in the default None class. 



My OIP settings are setup for Overall, Auto-Align Plane



If I instead create a class and put the wall in that class, and apply a texture "At Creation" it works just fine:



My understanding is if you drop a texture on a wall, it will apply to all faces, not just the edges. 


If I go to the OIP and manually select "Left" and "Right" and "Revert To Overall" for each Part - then the texture works properly. In other words, it seems like my Unstyled wall defaults to the "Left" and "Right" as Class Textures instead of Overall. 



Am I missing something? Is there some weird default setting?


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Overall is a really bad term as it is not using the dictionary definition.


By default you have three parts to a wall, Overall, Left, Right. In a new unstyled wall, all three will be set to None for texture.


It sees like just changing overall should also change left and right, but it does not. You have to set manually set the left and'/or right to match the Overall. Any you do this by using the Revert to Overall. Which in my NSH opinion is also a very bad name. How can you revert something that was never set to that before.


You got it basically correct. You need to set three textures for a wall.

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Yeah the language is definitely counter-intuitive. Why is Revert to Overall an option when there's nothing to Revert back to!?


I came to this because I was watching @Wes Gardner's Rendering for Everyday Architectural Drawing and in the seminar, in a blank project, Wes drops a texture on an unstyled wall and it applies to every surface without having to go in and select Left and Right. 

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@trashcan, I got lucky that day when I was shooting that sequence...now, when I try to reproduce it, I get what you get...hmmm.  In my opinion, if you have it set to Overall, when you drop a texture on a wall, it should do just that...bug!



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