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A bug?

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Now the 2d reshape only works with click and drag.

On VW 11.5 it wasn't that way, and was less difficult to reshape a 2d object using the data bar. It will be nice if we get that option again, and also with the lasso and box mode.


VW 12

Dual G5, OS 10.4.3

sorry for my english

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I refer to the 2d reshape tool. Not the preferences for all the tools.

2d Reshape, for polygons an polylines.

I f you see on VW 11.5 when you reshape you only make a click on a point a nothing more, now you have to click and drag.

Anyway Thanks.

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Hi again,

I was talking about the 2D reshape tool.

on my VW12 the 2D reshape tool works like it always has.

If Click-Drag is turned off, I click once on a vertex and the vertex becomes "attached" to the cursor. Click again and the vertex is put down on the click point. No Dragging involved.

With Click-Drag turned on, the button has to be held down after clicking and dragged to move a vertex.

Nothing has changed for me.



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I have the same problem, but with added limitations.

As stated above the problem shows up when using the lasso or box option, but also if you try to reshape a space with the "show Poly" option off. The other problem is that you can not reshape a space with the "show Poly" off as you could do in previous versions.

-How long before we can expect a patch for all these bugs. Life as a Vectorworks User is getting annoying.

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